Obama Follows DeSantis, Chooses Freedom Over Faucism

The scaled-back birthday – said to have been cancelled – wasn’t as small as the Obama’s pretended it would be.

Birthday goers at Barack’s 60th have been told to delete social media snaps celebrating the event.

The New York Post shared images originally posted by rapper Trap Beckham and his manager TJ Chapman, alleging that Beckham “Had to delete everything due to the rules… It was epic for sure. If any videos surface it’s going viral. [Obama] danced the whole time. Nobody ever seen [him] like this before.”

Aerial photos show a massive, white party tent next to their Martha’s Vineyard Ocean front property.

Although the 60th was scaled back, NBC Boston noted that “there were reports numerous Hollywood stars and other celebrities attended.”

The scaled-back birthday – said to have been cancelled – wasn’t as small as the Obama’s pretended it would be.

Noteworthy, many celebrities, who were presumably vaxxed were uninvited. Some, like Oprah Winfrey, according to the New York Times uninvited themselves.

It would seem that those considered adults in the world of the bureaucratic caste are allowed privileges and exemptions.

Where the plebes – those irresponsible peasants who inhabit the world below the leftist bourgeoisie – are fodder for arrest, and food for vultures in the media looking to castigate anyone for even thinking about breaking lockdowns, and associated, nonsense, bureaucratic decrees.

Such as stepping outside a 10km rule, even if they are COVaxxed; or for practicing discernment in their decision making by questioning trial COVID vaccines.

This is why Obama’s on-again, off-again, back-on-again birthday bash is pertinent.

Obama is a COVID cult apostate.

CP readers might recall that Piers Morgan – leftist at worst, center-left at best – was among Obama’s biggest critics (see here & here).

His 60th is a middle finger to cancel culture, COVID cultists, and Joe Biden’s quest for universal covid lockdowns.

Obama knew the optics were bad. This is why he announced that the event had been “scaled back,” without detailing what “scaled back” actually meant. He didn’t want to undermine Biden but did so anyway.

The Obama’s have every right to work within pragmatic CDC advise on social distancing, and hygiene.

The Obama’s take COVID seriously, but they’re not living in constant fear of it.

There has been no mention of QR Code check-ins, COVaxx passports or hourly COVID testing. Photos from the event show no attempt to mask up.

My original sarcasm aside, Obama is leading from the front.

He isn’t buying the nonsense. Which means the rest of us should rethink the COVID hysterics and disaster porn which is feeding paranoia.

Hence my interest in it.

It’s not just the double standard, it’s Obama’s resistance that caught my attention. That resistance needs to be explained and applauded.

When bureaucrats tell you to live in fear, and their friends aren’t buying it, question why.

People in health-killing lockdowns because of the Delta strain across Australia should be paying attention.

They should demand to know why a former President, loved by leftists, as a lord-and-saviour, felt confident to host a birthday event that contradicts the oppressive bureaucratic decrees keeping them locked in their houses like convicted criminals.

Critics should ditch the Obama-scare, and consider the optics they themselves are sending.

As the New York Times explained, Obama followed all the basic guidelines. He even had a COVID coordinator to police the panic, and everyone attending was allegedly “vaccinated.”

Obama’s birthday was the perfect sales pitch for the vaccines and sober-minded, procedural COVID care.

Either the vaccinations are “safe and effective”, or they’re not.

Instead, COVID fanatics like Piers Morgan, who preach “get vaxxed so we can all get out of this mess,” once again express the opposite.

A COVaxxed nation will not end governmental COVID restrictions.

If Piers Morgan’s criticisms of Obama are legit, then the COVaxx isn’t.

I was partly being sarcastic when I first wrote about Obama’s “stuff you” to the overbearing rules last week.

I’m now with him 100%.

Lockdowns, prison protocols, mask mandates, and QR Code surveillance, protect the bureaucratic narrative built up around CCP-19.

My words from last year still ring true. There are two sides to the Coronavirus crisis: the real crisis, and the crisis manufactured by bureaucrats for the cameras.

The Coronavirus crisis is a unique opportunity for politicians.

They get to seize absolute power, and we applaud them for doing so.

Only the naïve would think that government is benevolent enough; that the behemoth bureaucratic caste is holy enough, to willingly hand back power, once it’s been placed into their hands.

“Trust the science” isn’t science, it’s politics.

Tracking, gagging and hiding people away from each other provide minimal medical benefits. If that.

Lockdowns, QR Codes, and mask decrees are not medicinal.

All they do is:

1. Protect the elite by staving off mass panic, because all three give the polis a false sense of individual control.

2. Protect an inept bureaucracy from public scrutiny by conveying a false sense of achievement.

3. Protect politicians from having to face the consequences of their reckless reactionary policies; that have nothing to do with science, and everything to do with harvesting votes.

Look at the evidence. Diet and exercise play a large role in survivability.

So why is it that government’s discouraging lifesaving activity, instead of encouraging it?

Take note of how much this benefits them, and only them.

Then ask yourself, are the COVID-19 crisis counter-measures more about saving, boosting, and empowering the political lives of the political class, than they are about saving the lives of the people they’re paid to represent?

Resistance to tyranny is a bipartisan task.

By not cancelling Barack’s 60th, the Obama’s chose freedom over Faucism.

That’s an example Florida Governor Ron DeSantis set, and it’s an example many more leaders should follow.

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