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Mark Latham destroys Peter FitzSimons: ‘a one-man, putrid, steaming cesspit of hypocrisy’

Mark Latham slammed Peter FitzSimons on Facebook yesterday, after the Herald columnist took yet another swing at rugby player Israel Folau for expressing Christian beliefs.

“The Red Pirate Peter FitzSimons is a natural-born elite,” wrote Latham. “He lives in an expensive house in an exclusive suburb. He has lots of access to the media. So like all elites, he thinks he has the right to tell other people how to live their lives.”

In this Herald article he writes of how “Rugby is an inclusive game”. Then he says Israel Folau should be kicked out for holding the views of a strongly committed Christian. Believers in the Bible have no place in rugby union. FitzSimons wants inclusiveness by excluding people.

This is typical of today’s sneering elites: the arrogance, the condescending tone, the sheer stupidity.

FitzSimons knows nothing about true inclusiveness. He grew up on Sydney’s North Shore. He went to a posh school on Sydney’s North Shore. He lives in leafy, posh Neutral Bay. He gets around in a chauffeur-driven car. He does not mix with poor people or do anything directly to help them.

He uses the term ‘inclusiveness’ like a social engineer, to deny people their freedom of speech in remoulding society in his own image. He is a disgrace to Australia and all Australians who believe in the basic freedoms of our country and the fair go: true inclusiveness.

Plus, if he wants to start excluding people from rugby for ‘unacceptable statements’, how about his description in 2016 of a black South African man as a “gorilla”? That’s far worse than anything Folau has said. FitzSimons is a one-man, putrid, steaming cesspit of hypocrisy.

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