New Zealand’s Christian PM Wrongly Labelled a Conspiracy Theorist After Rejecting Wokeism in Schools

“Luxon’s libertarian-classical liberal coalition wants to remove the overreach of the activist bureaucrats and put education back into the hands of parents.”

New Zealand’s biggest Primary School Union is calling the nation’s new Christian Prime Minister a “conspiracy theorist” for opposing Woke ideology and LGBTQA+ sexualization of kids in schools.

Mark Potter, NZ’s Educational Institute (NZEI) president said, PM Christopher Luxon’s policies, and arguments – which seek to boot far-left activism posing as education from schools – were unwarranted and “untrue.”

The primary school union head doesn’t want NZ’s pro-freedom coalition stopping Woke indoctrination, saying “we want to make sure that politicians don’t interfere with the [LGBTQA+ “inclusive” sex education] curriculum where they don’t belong.”

Note, however, that the NZEI appeared to be more than happy to support Socialist Jacinda Ardern’s interference re: lockdowns, Transgender takeover of female-only spaces, and teaching Critical Race Theory’s, gaslighting, grievance revisionism.

Potter’s protest is backed by the Labour Party, a financial benefactor of the NZEI.

For context, New Zealand’s big unions donate exclusively to the Labour Party.

As Radio NZ reported, 29% of party donations come from unions. With the organisations funding the NZLP up to the tune of NZD $230,000 in 2023 alone.

The authoritarian left’s big problem?

Luxon’s libertarian-classical liberal coalition wants to remove the overreach of the activist bureaucrats and put education back into the hands of parents.

The tri-party government’s goal for education is to “refocus the curriculum on academic achievement and not ideology,” said SBS, quoting the pledge.

This includes, “the removal and replacement of the gender, sexuality, and relationship-based education guidelines.”

Either the NZIE’s union boss has been living under a rock, or he’s being dishonest.

The same goes for the Labour counter-assault, and their retreat into the overused, and emotionally manipulative claim that rejecting far-left extremism, puts “kids’ lives at risk.”

It’s blatantly false to describe Luxon’s genuine concerns, and rational response to the [Cultural Marxist] Woke war on everything, as spreading misinformation/disinformation.

The evidence negates the strawman, oppressor, as much as it does “conspiracy theorist.”

With the growing line of victims from the LGBTQ+, CRT, DEI, ESG, BLM, WEF, Left’s weaponisation of ethnicity, melanin, gender, sex, kids, legislation, and education, the new Prime Minister’s concerns are well-founded.

Luxon’s proposals will protect educators like Mr X from far-left activists weaponizing political interference to game the system. (see my June ‘23 rundown here).

Mr X (his identity has been legally hidden) – a Christian – was sentenced by a Trans-Tribunal for “serious misconduct” after he refused to use a 14-year-old’s “preferred pronoun.”

Despite having been found to be an exceptional teacher, with a history of integrity, his refusal to lie to the child, was designated “child abuse.”

The New Zealand teacher was then (falsely) branded “unsafe.”   

After putting up a reasoned, well-argued defence, and refusing to submit to re-education, he was banned from teaching, then rubber-stamped: “beyond rehabilitation.”

He isn’t the only example. He was simply just one of the few who have been brave enough to oppose the new authoritarianism.

Importantly, unions were as silent as they were during lockdowns, and jab or job mandates.

There was no known Union representation, or defence of Mr X.

It’s not insignificant that Christopher Luxon’s political opponents have resorted to name-calling.

The strategy is deliberate, having worked for the Left for at least a decade.

It was deployed against Trump in 2016 and goes back to at least the homosexual redefinition of marriage, and its “love is love,” emotional manipulation of the masses.

Luxon’s massive election victory on a reject Woke platform was a clear mandate from New Zealanders.

They’re tired of the nanny state, and like many in the United States who are fed up with “you’re a terrorist for questioning us,” aggressive, arrogant school boards, a majority of New Zealanders appear to want ABCD taught, without the CRT/LGBT indoctrination attached.

Alongside parents, this revival will necessitate putting the vocation of education back into the hands of quality educators like Mr X, and liberating the industry from dark, regressive, white-guilt-ridden, globalist cultural safetyism, and PRIDE propaganda.

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