DeSantis Defends Pro-freedom Policies in Florida State Address

“Holding the line is hard in a world where the World Economic Fourth Reich, its subscription culture – ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ – and associates seem to dominate.”

Ron DeSantis doesn’t have to bad mouth his opponents or their rotting, ruinous policies.

His success in exposing their inherent, burdensome authoritarianism says it all.

DeSantis cast out COVID-19 communism and freed Florida from Wuhan-induced Faucism.

He shut down mandates, going as far as banning them and telling the Biden administration to shove lockdowns up their derrière.

His leadership since has included opposing further far-left power grabs.

In sum, Florida’s Republican Governor has been – for the most part – leader of the free world since at least 2020.

This isn’t fantasy.

DeSantis has led the way in defusing Woke weapons of mass destruction such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI), Antifa, and Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

He has also defended informed consent, protected parents’ rights, and women’s sports, promoted fatherhood, and defanged Woke Disney.

To add, DeSantis thwarted LGBTQA+ fascism, opposed its invasion of education, and stopped indoctrinators who were posing as educators.

The list is long, and the success, well deserved.

Holding the line is hard in a world where the World Economic Fourth Reich, its subscription culture – “you will own nothing and be happy” – and associates seem to dominate.

These achievements put Floridians, and DeSantis at the head of the table in a burgeoning, “Great American Revival.”

Recalling policy achievements in a 36-minute address kick-starting Florida’s legislative session, DeSantis shared an update on the free state of Florida’s success.

Under his (Christ-centred classical liberal-conservative) policies, Florida leads in school choice, curriculum, law enforcement, and home ownership.

All of this, DeSantis said, was due to lowering taxes, managing natural disasters, and putting traction to smaller government.

Freeing citizens from government, DeSantis remarked, “We rejected the modern trend of Universities that subordinates high academic standards to an ideological agenda.”

As such, “we have eliminated so-called DEI from our public Universities.”

Calling DEI, “highly ideological,” he explained, in practice, DEI “stands for discrimination, exclusion, and indoctrination.”

Additionally, tenured professors are reviewed every five-years, to “weed out” complacency, and incompetence.

Fighting inflation where the DC swamp won’t, DeSantis cited the success of freeing Florida from reckless spending, and borrowing, saying, the state’s debt is decreasing.

DeSantis added, “1.1 billion dollars will be handed back to the people, through reductions to home ownership insurance, by reducing taxation.”

Small businesses will also benefit from tax relief, which will invite new initiatives, expansion, and investment.

Right to cite the flood of Americans “abandoning” failing Democrat-run states, DeSantis argued, the proof of his team’s policies is in the eating.

“They work, and we’re working hard to keep them working, despite opposition from the current Democrat administration,” he alluded.

DeSantis’ pitch was as much a pitch to the American people, as to Florida’s legislature, and his state’s discerning voters.

To the wider American community, the 2024 presidential candidate said, “We have put forth a blueprint for America’s revival – a new birth of freedom – that should put hope in the hearts of millions.”

We are, he concluded, “proclaiming liberty.”

Like a true statesman worthy of the once great White House, and the office he hopes to hold, DeSantis encouraged the legislature to enact “policies that keep faith with America’s founding.”

DeSantis’ political strength is consistency.

An additional strength is patience.

He lets the stinking carcass of cancel culture, and Cultural Marxism rot.

Enough to show that Marx’s murderous corpse is the true source of every current foul odour forcing itself into the heart, head, and home.

Maybe this is why mud doesn’t stick to DeSantis.

He seems to understand the apostles’ words in 1 John 4 and 5: the spirit of error cannot survive first contact with the Spirit of truth.

This is because perfect love casts out all fear.

Overcoming the world is a result of faith in Jesus Christ – the overcomer  – and obedience to source of that perfect love, God, and His commandments under the covenant of grace.

To paraphrase Paul in Galatians 5, DeSantis as the leader of the free world is keeping in step with the Holy Spirit, not the spirit of the age.

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