Gina Carano Asks for Prayer as Desperate Disney Defends Cancel Culture in Unlawful Dismissal Case

“Disney you have a problem, you call others what you yourselves are, you do and are the things you tell others not to do or be,” she said.

Disney’s lawyers have accused Gina Carano of concocting her cancel culture ejection from Star Wars, hoping to get the case dismissed.

The defendants smeared Carano’s testimony as lies, stating, “Ms. Carano ‘misconstrues the allegations in her own complaint’ by giving the impression that the studio invented “the conflict between Carano’s public comments and Disney’s artistic values.”

Disney also accused Carano, of “seriously misunderstanding the scope of the First Amendment and the protections it affords to speech by private persons and entities.”

Rather than explain how Disney did her wrong, by asserting its own right to free speech, they retorted, “She instead concocts an unsupported and crabbed version of the First Amendment.”

As reported by Epoch News, Disney’s angle is to argue that free speech – as per the United States Constitution’s First Amendment – affords them the right to fire anyone it deems to be in breach of Disney’s version of “community standards.”

This protection, they argued, “equally gives the studio the right not to associate speech” they regard as “hate speech.”

This includes cancelling anyone the studio’s Woke executives decide they no longer like.

Further attempting to discredit Carano, not just her case, Disney said, Carano’s statements didn’t align with its values of “respect,” “decency,” “integrity,” and “inclusion.”

They then appeared to spin the case into a precedent, stating, if Disney was found liable for unfair dismissal, it would mean, “conservative newspapers could be forced to hire outspoken liberal writers.”

To this, they included feminists having to hire misogynists, studios having to hire racists, Jew-haters, “Islamophobes” – and laughably – anti-Christian actors, and directors.

Doesn’t Disney and Hollywood already employ Christian haters and blacklist conservatives?

For example, when non-Woke Disney employees appealed for neutrality en masse, they were ignored.

The same goes for Gina.

Here’s a woman, with a history of playing strong female leads, being told by the Left, to be seen, and not heard, or don’t be seen at all.

Responding to the accusations, Gina wrote on X, “Disney you have a problem, you call others what you yourselves are, you do and are the things you tell others not to do or be.

“Double standards, hypocrisy, discrimination … Things need to change and they KNOW it and so does everyone else.

“Court date set June 12th in LA. Pray with me level heads prevail.”

Disney arguing against inclusivity and diversity absolutism, after championing the two for over a decade, is special pleading.

Their defense rests on a fallacy.

Don’t dismiss the malice either.

Disney playing dirty is about discrediting free speech defender, Elon Musk, as much as it is about discounting Carano’s unfair dismissal case.

As Caldron Pool recounted in February, Musk didn’t just fund Carano’s case, the X owner damned Disney’s racist DEI hiring standards.

Worth noting: Disney’s Woke shift, which led to Carano being cancelled, had by March 2024, cost the company USD $138 billion.

There’s a lot at stake.

Nothing more so than credibility, or at least maintaining the appearance of it.

Gina’s case exposes the internal inconsistencies, viciousness, and incoherent babel, the forms much of post-modern “subjective morality.”

Note how Gina’s case is already exposing the Left’s selective application and support for classical liberal rights when it suits them.

By doubling down Disney’s gone the full “get Trump at all costs” leftwing level of lunacy.

They know they’re in deep trouble.

The real catalyst for Disney firing Carano was a post warning about the ad nauseam demonisation of Donald Trump, Trump supporters, and conservatives.

Gina did nothing wrong.

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