Middle Management Morrison Should Be Banished by the LNP to a Desk Job

All this turned to pessimism, as we slowly watched the Christian Prime Minister bow before “post-Christian” pagan culture. Morrison went from being strong on words to being weak in everything else.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison isn’t running the nation, he’s chairing a fractured federation.

To restate LNP senator Alex Antic, “Australia is in a dark place.

I would argue that this was, in many ways, the inevitable result of having an affable Prime Minister, whose words are rarely backed by actions.

Maybe this is why Scott Morrison was leftist, ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s pick after he was ousted for moving the Liberal-National Coalition, and Australia too close to the radical leftist abyss.

Was Morrison the compliant, nice, mild-mannered, fence-sitting hall monitor?

In hindsight, he wasn’t the best choice for leader in the party of Menzies, whose values are grounded in small government, biblical Christian faith, family and freedom.

Still, Scott Morrison’s 2019 election win showed promise.

Our Caldron Pool office optimism cheered the Prime Minister when he spoke out against Cancel Culture.

We offered thanks when he spoke of striking the right balance between protecting religious freedom, freedom of speech, and minority rights.

We sighed with him when a female activist physically attacked him, and we applauded when the Prime Minister ‘rejected The Great Reset.

We complimented him after promoting Andrew Hastie and Amanda Stoker.

We offered constructive criticism when we felt the Prime Minister should have done more for Israel Folau, as well as Cardinal George Pell, and less for those attacking him.

(See Mark Powell’s excellent, “Ten people Bullying Israel Folau” and “Was Pell Set Up?”)

We even defended him when leftists came after his faith in Christ, arguing that the sucker punches from his main rival in the Australian Labor Party proved the then leader, Bill Shorten was infit for the top job.

All this turned to pessimism, as we slowly watched the Christian Prime Minister bow before “post-Christian” pagan culture. Morrison went from being strong on words to being weak in everything else.

His biggest mistake was surrendering the office of Prime Minister to his dubious “National Cabinet”.

It was a poor decision that handed the LNP’s election over to power-hungry Labor premiers, who, in return have carved up Australia’s constitutional democracy into their own personal fiefdoms, each one promoting themselves to the office equal to that of a Feudal Lord.

Victoria’s Sith lord has gone as far to ensure that COVID-19 “pandemic powers” will keep him coronated, and maintain his glorious empire for as long as he can stretch the pandemic out to justify such power.

On balance, New South Wales, even with its grotesque mandates is the only real exception here. In many ways, New South Welchmen, under the LNP, has dodged the iron fist of Labor’s CCP-19 leadership.

The consequence of the Australian Prime Minister’s abdication from the role of statesman is that Australia’s representative democracy is on its deathbed.

Instead of serving the people, Morrison compromised his mandate from the people by serving a flawed round table composed of soft liberals, far-left Labor premiers and fat cat, unelected bureaucrats.

Augusto Zimmermann’s concerns about Scott Morrison in 2019, and criticisms of the Prime Minister since appeared to have been vindicated.

Columnist for The Australian, Janet Albrechtsen stated on Wednesday, we need a liberal leader, ‘who cuts to the chase to defend basic freedom, and who can manage the daily housekeeping too.’

If Albrechtsen was nudging the LNP towards replacing Morrison with the current Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, I agree.

Dutton is a reasonable alternative. He has a handle on the wolf-diplomat belligerency of both the Chinese Communist Party and Russia.

Additionally, the rabid far-left hate him. Dutton appears to understand that the rise of far-left extremism is being obscured by the radical Left’s “right-wing extremism” smokescreen.

There is no hiding the stench of double-mindedness coming from the Morrison era’s well-documented record of saying one thing, then allowing another.

Put another way: the states have become gods, the national cabinet is their synod, and Middle Management Morrison is their high priest.

Morrison should be banished by the LNP to a desk job that better suits his middle management demeanour.

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