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Disturbing video of drag queen performing for child shows how far society has fallen

A disturbing TikTok video of a drag queen performing for a young child has gone viral on social media.

The 30-second clip, originally posted to the video-sharing platform in early February, shows a room full of laughing adults watching-on as a drag queen suggestively crawls towards a young girl seated alone on a chair in the middle of the room before embracing her. The youngster looks visibly confused and disturbed by the situation.

It’s unclear where the video was taken, but it certainly shows how far society has fallen in a relatively short time. How long will it be before folks start suggesting pedophilia is a genuine expression of love?

This is the inevitable result of a nation turning it’s back on the Christian worldview, because as it’s been rightly said, “If there is no God, everything is permitted.”


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