Who Is Peter Dutton, and Will He Fight for Freedom and Reclaim the Line?

“As hopeful as Dutton’s election is for centre-right Christians and classical liberals, until they see proof of the new LNP leader’s resolve, and effectiveness, Dutton’s election will mean diddly squat.”

After running unopposed, 20-year political veteran, Peter Dutton is the new leader of the Australian Liberal Party, with moderate Liberal, Sussan Ley as deputy leader.

Dutton’s participation in politics has primarily been in defence roles, with him holding the health portfolio in 2013 during a short stint as health minister.

The centre-right, blunt-speaking, representative for Dickson in Queensland, also has a degree in business from QUT and is an ex-Queensland police officer, with 9-years on the job.

He believes in God. However, he is not known for wearing his faith on his sleeve.

Dutton was quoted by the ABC as saying: “I believe in God but I don’t attend church on a regular basis, so I’d be a failed Catholic as Tony Abbott would point out, but I don’t seek to make that part of who I am.”

According to a litany of leftist hit pieces, Dutton’s sharp conservative talking points make him an enemy of the public.

With his ascension to the LNP throne, there is no doubt, like America’s centre-right president Donald Trump, or Christian conservative PM Tony Abbott, Dutton is set to become public enemy number one.

Of the recent stand out examples, none take centre stage quite like Labor’s Western Australian (and Victorian) lockdown loving premiers, ironically, labelling Peter Dutton an “extremist who does not fit with modern Australia.”

It goes without saying, the woke-left hates him.

This is why some of Dutton’s greatest endorsements are coming from Leftists who still have the false impression that Australians voted out conservatives.

Especially the LNP’s Labor-lite platoon who were booted by their electorates, not for the love of Anthony Albanese, but because Scott Morrison was still operating under the “we’re all in this together” lie, while State Labor premiers were ripping the Australian people in two, segregating between the “unsafe” and “safe”; “unvaccinated” and “vaccinated.”

The election wasn’t a vote for Labor.

The election was a vote against the Labor-lite within the LNP, who were represented by the inconsistencies, of the affable middle-management of Scott Morrison.

While the LNP loss is to be lamented, Morrison deserved to lose.

As I warned the LNP in February: Morrison should have been banished to a desk job.

Dutton was the reasonable alternative. He has a handle on the wolf-diplomat belligerency of both the Chinese Communist Party and leftist extremism.

The rabid far-left hates him because Dutton appears to understand that the radical Left’s fixation on “right-wing extremism” is designed to conceal, if not also justify, the rise of far-left extremism.

In 2016, Dutton called on ‘parents to rise up against political correctness.’

He criticised a school for changing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” to “We Wish You a Happy Holiday,” describing the woke decision as “political correctness gone mad.”

To which he added, “Many people, regardless of their religious belief would be there happy to sing along with Christmas carols, happy to enjoy the fact that we celebrate Christmas as a Christian society. It’s beyond my comprehension. It’s gone too far.”

Under his leadership as Defence Minister, Dutton, along with Andrew Hastie, halted the wokifacation of Australia’s defence force.

Writing a report on the halt, the ABC explained that Dutton and his team had reminded the ADF that its mission was to protect Australia, not to propagate the ideology of the LGBTQ+ political class.

As former 1RAR infantryman turned LNP representative for Herbert in Queensland, stated, “Having Minister Dutton at the helm and leading our Australian Defence Force, we’re bringing back our core values — we’ve gone a little bit woke over the past few years and we can’t afford to be doing that.”

Dutton appears to be the right man, appointed at the right time.

He’s well aware of the distaste for, and growing distrust of, the LNP-Labor duopoly among Australians.

In November 2016, he responded to the rise of Clive Palmer (UAP), and Pauline Hanson (One Nation), by saying, “There is a disaffected element of the Australian society that is not happy with either of the major two parties and it demonstrates that the major parties need to listen to what people are saying.”

In defence of free speech, Dutton went into bat for the Australian cartoonist, the late Bill Leak – after Leak was cancelled by the Left for wrong-think – telling Ray Hadley:

“Australians want freedom of speech. They want to be able to talk to their mates in a sensible way without the political correct nonsense. They don’t want to have a [Human Rights Commissar] and other officials out of Canberra jamming some sort of language code down their throat.”

On abortion, the new LNP leader is opposed to the late-term termination of a pregnancy.

Yet, he believes that the decision to violently end a child’s life in the womb comes down to the choice of the mother.

The centre-right Liberal advised against same-sex marriage, then voted in favour of it after Malcolm Turnbull’s “love has finally arrived in Australia” plebiscite garbage suggested SSM was supported by a majority.

Despite his weak stance on the right-to-life in the womb and apparent backflip on SSM, one big reason Dutton offers a glimmer of hope for conservatives is his unapologetic leadership style.

With this federal election’s elevation of the Australian Labor Party – a party governed by group-think, that is not afraid to use anti-terror units against freedom protesters, and shoot Australian citizens with rubber bullets for opposing government overreach – Dutton will be a tour de force to be reckoned with.

Especially so, if Albanese chooses to keep Morrison’s unconstitutional National Cabinet.

Labor trying to run the country via that Cabinet without opposition is now less likely under a Dutton lead opposition.

This is because the 51-year-old Dutton isn’t afraid of a fight.

As hopeful as Dutton’s election is for centre-right Christians and classical liberals, until they see proof of the new LNP leader’s resolve, and effectiveness, Dutton’s election will mean diddly squat.

Mostly thanks to middle management Morrison, who showed promise, then shattered that promise by handing the Prime Minister’s office over to abusive, COVID-19 mad Labor premiers.

For the moment, Dutton’s election changes very little. The past two and a half years have been the prologue in the fight to preserve liberty.

The fight to #reclaimtheline isn’t over.

It’s only just begun.

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