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If Hitler looked at Europe today, what would he see?

If Hitler were to look at Europe today, what would he see?

He would see a Europe dominated by Germany, with France its loyal lapdog. He would see anti-Semitism on the rise, with more and more Jews wanting to leave Europe. He would see that the disabled and the weak are being culled out of the gene pool through abortion. Just as he sought to do with Eugenics.

He would see the elderly, weak and disabled convinced that they should take themselves out of society because they have been convinced they are a burden. Euthanasia is less dramatic than gas chambers, but every bit as lethal.

He would see many of the goals he was seeking to achieve fulfilled, but in a slow methodical way, rather than with the violent force he sought to implement them with.

Many people may respond that Hitler would be dismayed by the multiculturalism of Europe which is true. He was racist and racism is ugly, but he would marvel at how effectively multiculturalism — and its philosophical support, moral relativism — has been used to undermine the Christian basis of the West.

Western society was built on the foundation of the sacrificial Saviour who preferred mercy to force. Hitler despised the idea of a Lord who allowed himself to appear weak, like Jesus did on the cross. He preferred Odin and Thor to Jesus. So do many of the youth today as a matter of fact (I’m not just alluding to the superhero, there is an uptake in Northern Europe in fascination with the old Norse gods).

Hitler knew that to transform society you had to change the kind of Saviour people looked to, and he preferred the warrior to the sacrificial lamb.

Who do people prefer today?

People look at the rise of the nationalism in Europe and have PTSD like reactions of fear that a new Hitler may rise. But many fail to see how many of Hitler’s goals have been completely realized, precisely because he wasn’t the only one who had those goals. He just went about trying to fulfill them in the most dramatic way.

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