Christian Ministry Allegedly De-banked by Left-Wing Lobbyists Handed £20,000 Pay-Out

“The hate campaign to cripple CIT is one more sad example in a growing list of examples where lives and livelihoods are being used to force compliance with far-left-wing ideology.”

A Christian ministry based in the United Kingdom was handed a £20,000 payout after a three-year legal battle ended in a settlement.

Northern Ireland’s, Core Issues Trust (CIT), was de-banked in 2020 after their bank, Barclays, came under pressure from an LGBTQ+ campaign to cancel the Christian outreach.

CIT provides a refuge for those who choose to voluntarily leave the LGBTQ+.

Triggered by this, Acronym Army activists, accused the ministry of practicing ‘conversion therapy,’ and incited a wave of hate against them.

Christian Concern said, CIT ‘received over 300 nuisance phone calls, and other intimidating messages including a life-threatening text message sent to the ministry’s CEO, Dr. Mike Davidson.’

Defending the LGBTQ+, the message encouraged Davidson to commit suicide, with the sender adding, they hoped someone would ‘rape and kill’ CIT staff and family members.

Screenshot of abusive text messages.

Davidson, a long-time personal customer of the bank, opened the CIT account in 2011.

That account was cancelled in 2020 after LGBTQ+ activist Mike Buonaiuto, pressured Barclays – headline sponsors of London’s PRIDE parade – to ‘financially’ cripple the Christian ministry.

The quiet legal win was won on the grounds that Barclays ‘unlawfully discriminated’ against the organisation.

Lawyers from the Christian Legal Centre argued that Barclays had discriminated against Dr. Davidson personally, and was being punished for his religious beliefs and/or political opinion.

Worth noting, 72,000 people backed the ministry through a petition, calling on the bank to ‘reinstate the account, and stop discriminating against the ministry.’

Importantly, Christian Concern cautioned that CIT’s de-banking was, “a precursor to how activists, and institutions will exploit, and weaponise the government’s ‘conversion therapy’ ban against anyone that supports the freedom to leave LGBT lifestyles and identity.”

The hate campaign to cripple CIT is one more sad example in a growing list of examples where lives, and livelihoods are being used to force compliance with far-left-wing ideology.

This week Nigel Farage was booted by his bank for what appears to be a political purge of the high-profile public figure.

Farage’s latest updates on Twitter backed my original piece on the subject.

Since writing this piece Nigel had added more information pointing to undue political interference in his personal and business life.

Answering the BBC piece, which incited haters to mock his economic status, and dismiss his concerns, he said, “At no point in the last 10 years did Coutts give me a min threshold. More importantly, the offer of a Natwest personal acct only came after I went public last Thursday.

“No business solution was offered, and they even denied I was a PEP, which is why 9 other banks have said no.”

There is every indication the motivation for cancelling his accounts wasn’t due to a lack of funds, it was because he isn’t of the preferred political persuasion.

Farage was essentially accused of funding terrorism after a left-wing politician made unsubstantiated accusations linking him to Russia.

Far-left lobbyists seem to be exploiting war on terrorism policies and procedures.

If they can successfully smear a political opponent as a terrorist, there’s no real limit to how far activists can go in silencing opposition.

Today it’s cancelling a person’s platform or political point of view, tomorrow it’s cancelling people.

My point is, Farage isn’t alone. CIT’s victory is a solid win.

It is also a reminder of Chinese dissident, Wei Jingsheng’s 魏京生warning, “When people are brainwashed by propaganda, people believe [what they’re told]. Under this spell, tyranny is inevitable.”

To this, he added, the purpose of the censor is to praise the tyrant.

De-Banking is not a myth.


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