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Museum will no longer refer to ships as “she” or “her”, opts for less offensive gender-neutral language instead

The Scottish Maritime Museum have announced they will no longer refer to ships in female terms such as “she” and “her”, opting for more inclusive, gender-neutral language.

Director David Mann said the museum was forced to make the move after social justice vandals twice scratched out the words “she” and “her” on a “very expensive sign” referencing a vessel.

“For the second time this year, the museum has been targeted by a vandal, who has destroyed one of the interpretation signs which follow the universally adopted and centuries-old maritime tradition of referring to vessels as female,” Mann said.

“Like other maritime museums and institutions, we recognise the changes in society and are committed to introducing gender-neutral interpretations,” he added.

Kevin Maguire associate editor at the Daily Mirror praised the decision saying, “Calling gender neutral ships ‘she’ always struck me as weird sexism. Shame it needed a vandal for [the museum] to sail into the 21st century.”

Retired naval chief Admiral Lord West called the decision “an insult to a generation of sailors” who merely viewed their ships like a mother providing safety, shelter, food and care.

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