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Pauline Hanson invites Lauren Southern to dinner to discuss South Africa and Islam

Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall? Pauline Hanson has invited Lauren Southern to dinner to discuss South Africa and Islam.

The Queensland Senator tweeted, “Sorry to hear about your trouble getting a visa @Lauren_Southern. If you are still in Oz when Parliament sits in August you have an open invitation to dinner.

“I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on the situation in South Africa & on Islam. Good luck with your tour – PH”

Southern responded to Senator Hanson’s invitation saying, “Sounds lovely!”

Last year Milo Yiannopoulos shared a photo of himself sharing lunch with Senator Hanson, referring to her as his ‘big sis.’

“Lunch with big sis Pauline Hanson,” Yiannopoulos wrote. “How did this much fabulous end up in Parliament House? Please explain.”

Senator Pauline Hanson and Milo Yiannopoulos

Following their date, Senator Hanson appeared on The Bolt Report where she told host Andrew Bolt, “Milo reflects what I believe in. You’ve got to stand up to those who want to put you down, if you have a difference of opinion, you have a right to have that opinion.”

“The Left of politics are so abusive, aggressive and nasty,” the Senator also added. “They feel that if you think anything differently to what they do, they’ve got to shut you down.”

For more details about Lauren Southern’s speaking tour with Stefan Molyneux visit the Axiomatic website.

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