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Super Bowl Champ Says: “It’s Insane Abortion Is Legal”

Former punter for the Kansas City Chiefs and Super Bowl Champion, Dustin Colquitt has urged the public to raise their voices for the voiceless and speak out in opposition to abortion.

“I fear what’s currently happening in our state,” Colquitt said in a video for pro-life organisation Live Action.

“Previously we’d made lots of progress to protect our women and our children, specifically our children in the womb. And as a father of five children myself, I think it’s insane that killing babies through abortion is legal at all.”

Despite the pro-life movement making significant progress to reduce the number of abortions in Kansas, the state Supreme Court last year ruled for the very first time in 160-years that there is a fundamental right to abortion.

The ruling now stands as the law of the land in Kansas with no path for an appeal, NPR reported at the time. Even if Roe v. Wade were reversed, abortion would remain legal in the state because the decision turns on the state’s Constitution.

“They completely invented this,” Colquitt said. “It’s a decision that threatens all of our progress in protecting the pre-born.

“This means that we could be looking at tax-funded, insurance-funded abortions for all nine months for any reason on girls of any age.”

Colquitt went on to say: “It horrifies me that one day the abortion industry could prey upon my daughter and commit an abortion on her without me even knowing about it.”

“I’m raising my voice on behalf of the voiceless and I invite you to do the same,” he added.

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