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Abortion survivor: ‘The woman who should have loved me most tried to end my life’

When a woman in South Korea found out that she was two-months pregnant, she decided to have an abortion. Not long after undergoing the procedure, the woman realized the abortion had failed. She was still pregnant, and her unborn baby had survived the botched abortion attempt.

The woman decided to give birth to the baby and Josiah Presley was born, but not without a severely maimed arm, now a constant reminder of his own mother’s failed attempt to have him killed in the womb.

When Josiah was 13-months old, he was adopted by a loving family in the United States. Josiah grew up with his new family in Oklahoma, unaware of his birth story. It wasn’t until Josiah was 13-years-old that he learned what his birth-mother had done and why his arm was deformed.

Josiah said for a number of years, he struggled with hatred towards his birth-parents and a sense of worthlessness, not only because of his deformity but knowing the woman who should have loved him the most tried to end his life.

“I thought I was less than others because of my deformity,” Josiah said. “I thought I was worthless.”

It wasn’t until Josiah was 16-years of age that things changed. Watch Josiah’s story below to learn more about the “turning point” and how things changed in his life.

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