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What Is the God Over Government Frankfurt Declaration?

“The COVID years simply made Caesar’s strategy undeniably obvious. Government restrictions required churches to refrain from gathering while casinos and massage parlours were allowed to operate. Officials looked the other way when leftist protestors were given free rein to gather and even riot, but those same officials relentlessly worked to keep churches closed.”

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Statism and Its War on God

“…since the totalist state wants to take upon itself godlike status and powers, then all rival Gods must be destroyed. And with Christianity being the one true faith, and the one that is most opposed to all other claimants to the divine throne, the totalitarians reserve their real animus and rage for it.”

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Christianity Outlawed: Over 2,000 Church Leaders Say They Will Not Compromise their Faith If ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban is Introduced

The letter, which presently has 2,227 signatures, warns the category of “Conversion Therapy” is so broad that it is essentially meaningless and could include things such as prayer, calling people to conversion to Christ or a parent’s loving advice to their own children.