“It’s No Longer a Theory, It’s Reality”: Speech Goes Viral With Over 30 Million Views in Just 24 Hours

“The world is clearly ready for this conversation…”

A “controversial” 12-minute speech delivered at the 2024 CPAC Hungary convention has gone viral across social media, racking up more than 30 million views in just 24 hours.

In the address given last week at the conservative conference, Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek warned that “the ‘Great Replacement’ is no longer a theory. It’s reality.”

Video of the speech quickly gained traction on X, formerly Twitter, and was further amplified by numerous large accounts echoing Vlaardingerbroek’s concern.

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider shared the post with his almost two million followers, describing Vlaardingerbroek as a “courageous young woman.”

“The global elites want to destroy Western civilization,” Schneider said. “And Europe has already fallen. America can’t afford another 4 years of the globalist Biden Regime flooding our country with non-citizens forever changing our nation into the rot we see in Democratic-run cities!”

Elon Musk also shared the video, pushing back on Vlaardingerbroek’s claim, noting that “the problem with ‘Great Replacement Theory’ is that it fails to address the foundational issue of low birth rates.”

In a tweet he later pinned to the top of his X profile, Musk explained: “Record low birth rates are leading to population collapse in Europe and even faster population collapse in most of Asia. Immigration is low in Asia, so there is no ‘replacement’ going on, the countries are simply shrinking away.

“If this doesn’t turn around, then any countries on Earth with low birth rates will become empty of people and fall into ruin, like the remains we see of the many long-dead civilizations,” he said.

Vlaardingerbroek responded to Musk’s critique, saying: “Both issues are true – and related to each other. Replacement in the West through mass migration keeps native birth rates low, because it puts a huge financial and cultural strain on our societies and welfare system.

“Our establishment actively makes it harder for native population to have children through their destructive policies. For example, young white people are leaving their paternal homes later and later in life, because there simply are no affordable houses available. Most social housing units are given to immigrants, who are granted priority over the native population,” she said.

“Moreover, the narrative that ‘we need immigrants’ because we have an aging population is a fallacy. Importing migrants from the third world only adds insult to injury. For example, only 20% of the asylum seekers who were granted residence in the Netherlands in 2019 had gotten a job in 2023, meaning the other 80% is living off social benefits – thus putting more pressure on the welfare state.

“And apart from the financial aspect, there is a huge lack of religious/cultural incentives for young people to start families as a result of decades of postmodernism, nihilism and cultural relativism. We all know the examples of how the left actively discourages white people to have children by either claiming it’s ‘bad for the climate’ or because we need to destroy ‘the patriarchy’ and break free from ‘oppressive social constructs’ such as motherhood.

“I’d say we need to put a stop to mass migration immediately, send people home who have no right to be here and do nothing but take away from and destroy our societies – AND actively encourage and make it possible again for the native population to have kids.”

Musk again replied to Vlaardingerbroek, saying, “One way or another, any group of people must procreate or they will disappear, remembered eventually only by archaeologists.”

Vlaardingerbroek acknowledged that she’s opened herself up for attack by discussing the topic of the “Great Replacement,” a subject that the media and the elites have long deemed ‘controversial and contentious,’ but said the only other option is “saying nothing and have it happen.”

“The choice is yours,” she said. “I’ve made my choice.”

After the video went viral on social media, Vlaardingerbroek said, “The world is clearly ready for this conversation and thanks to X’s commitment to free speech, we’re now able to have it.”


EVA VLAARDINGERBROEK: Hello, Hungary, hello, Budapest, hello, fellow Europeans and American friends. Thank you so much for having me. Allow me to skip formalities for a moment and dive right into a subject that is not so cheerful, but very, very necessary to discuss.

Let me walk you through the past seven days in Europe. This week in Stockholm, three elderly women in their 70s were stabbed in broad daylight on the streets. In London, four people were stabbed in a time span of just 42 hours.

In Paris, hundreds of African migrants took to the street to riot. And in Brigolo, also in France, yet another church was burned down to the ground. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just a few incidents in just a couple of days on our beautiful continent.

But we all know that these incidents aren’t incidents anymore. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that we know, and our governments also know, that there is a link between mass migration and crime. In a Dutch city of Dordrecht, something interesting happened the other day.

They announced, and this is a small city in the Netherlands, in my home country, that a new asylum center will be put in that little town. And what did the municipality do? They said, we are going to offer citizens who live in the vicinity of this center a thousand euros to take extra safety measures. Our new reality in Europe consists of frequent rapes, stabbings, killings, murders, shootings, even beheadings.

But let me be clear about one thing. This did not used to happen before. This is a newly imported problem.

Samuel P. Huntington predicted this over 25 years ago, when he wrote, and I quote, in the new world of mass migration, the most pervasive, important, and dangerous conflicts will not be between the social classes. They will not be between the rich and the poor. They will be between peoples belonging to different cultural entities.

Tribal wars and ethnic conflicts will occur within civilizations. Well, boy, was he right. And the worst part is, we as a society seem to have become indifferent to it.

When another white boy or white girl dies at the hands of an immigrant, we might shake our head, we might let out a sigh, we might even get angry for a minute or two, and then we go on with our lives. We offer the family thoughts and prayers, but nothing ever changes. Ladies and gentlemen, what does that say about us? This is the response of a society that has already given up.

A society that has already accepted its defeat. But is this true? Have we given up? Do we really accept the new reality that our globalist leaders have in mind for us? I know one thing for sure, and that is that if nothing changes, if we don’t start to seriously fight for our continent, for our religion, for our people, our countries, then this time that we live in will go down in history as the time in which Western nations no longer had to get invaded by hostile armies in order to be conquered. This time will then go down in history as the period in which the invader was actively invited in by a corrupt elite, and not only did this corrupt elite invite the enemy in, they made the native population pay for it too.

Everyone who has eyes can see it. The native white Christian European population is being replaced at an ever-accelerating rate. Let me back this up for you with some statistics from my home country.

Let’s take Amsterdam, the capital. Amsterdam currently consists of 56 per cent migrants. The Hague, 58 per cent migrants.

Rotterdam, almost 60 per cent migrants. And, of course, most of these immigrants come from non-Christian, non-Western, African and Middle Eastern countries. Conclusion, the Dutch population is already outnumbered in the majority of our cities.

But let’s look onwards. London, 54 per cent migrants. Again, conclusion, native population outnumbered.

Brussels, colour me shocked, 70 per cent migrants. Conclusion, native population majorly outnumbered. And other Europeans will, of course, follow suit soon if they haven’t already.

So, I’m going to draw the forbidden conclusion here. The Great Replacement Theory is no longer a theory. It’s reality.

And what’s interesting about replacement is that the establishment will either deny its existence or, when they admit to it, they say that it’s a good thing that the native European population is soon no longer a majority on its own continent. Dutch national disgrace and dubbed climate pope, Frans Timmermans, already stated in 2015 that diversity is humanity’s destiny. And that Europe will be diverse.

And, of course, by now, I think we all know what they mean with the word diversity. It means less white people, less of you. Imagine this in an Asian or an African country.

Imagine their leaders rejoicing in the fact that their people will soon no longer be a majority in their own country. Absolutely unthinkable. Unimaginable.

So, what in the world is wrong with our leaders? The underlying sentiment of what they say is always the same. Our establishment claims that white people are evil and that our history is somehow fundamentally different from that of others. Consciously or unconsciously, they have sucked up the lies and the anti-white dogmas of the neo-Marxist critical race theory.

That’s why the totalitarians in Brussels are trying to force you, the Hungarian people, a sovereign nation to accept immigrants despite the fact that the population has said no and so has the government. But make no mistake, the majority of the Dutch people haven’t asked for this either. Just like Brussels is forcing Hungary to accept these words of immigrants, they are doing the same now even in the smallest of towns in the Netherlands.

No part may remain Dutch in the traditional sense of the word. No part of Europe may remain European. And it’s not difficult to understand why.

If the old Europe still exists in certain places, then people will be able to compare the new Europe to the old and newsflash, they will prefer the old. That’s why the Eurocrats hate Hungary so much. And their message is clear.

Our way of life, our Christian religion, our nations, they have to go without exception. Their vision of the future is the neo-liberal, unrecognisable Europe, where every city becomes kind of like Brussels. Ugly, dirty, unsafe, zero social cohesion, where the buildings are constantly under construction and they never, ever seem to finish, and even when they do, the end result is uglier somehow than what they started with.

And what are we left with? A permanent state of isolation, confusion, and disorientation. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the New World Order. So what’s the antidote? A strong, Christian Europe of sovereign nation states.

That’s why we need to outright reject the lie that nationalism causes war. It’s not nationalism or national sovereignty that causes war. It’s expansionism.

And where in Europe do we find that nowadays? In one place and one place only, Brussels. Isn’t it funny how the same people who erode our national sovereignty and love to do it, give it all up to the Eurocrats there, that those people are now telling us that we need to spend billions and billions of euros on the national sovereignty of Ukraine? It’s a joke, honestly, and it’s a pretty sick, expensive, and dangerous joke. During a recent interview, I got asked by an interviewer, do you think that you ever go too far? Do you think that you’re ever too radical? I thought about it for a second, and I said, no.

No, I don’t think I go too far. Truth be told, ladies and gentlemen, I think we in Europe do not go far enough. I think that if we really think about the organized, structural attack on our civilization, that we don’t do enough.

Do we do enough to stop the attack on our families, on our continent, on our countries, on our religion? When we hear about another murder, another stabbing of a young, innocent child, do we do enough? When we know that our national sovereignty has been given up in less than a century to Brussels, do we do enough? When we hear that Christian kids in Germany are now converting to Islam to fit in, do we do enough? I don’t think so. The totalitarian institute of the European Union needs to come down. Let me be clear, I don’t believe in reforms.

When the foundation of your institution is rotten, and that is the case in Brussels, you can rebuild the house on top of it all you want, but it’s still going to crumble. So the only answer is the Tower of Babel needs to be destroyed. Ladies and gentlemen, we are the daughters and sons of the greatest nations on earth.

And we need to ask ourselves, what has happened to us? Where do we come from? And more importantly, where are we going? Our elites have declared a war on us, and now it is time for us to put on the full armor of God, fight back, and win. Thank you so much.

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