“I Was Wrong!” Comedian JP Sears Says, “I Changed My Mind About God”

“Sears told his more than 2.80 million followers that over the past three years, he found himself ‘accidentally getting more Christian.'”

Comedian JP Sears has said the rise of blatant evil in the Western world has caused him to change his mind about God.

Sears, who runs the YouTube channel AwakenWithJP, told his more than 2.80 million followers that over the past three years, he found himself “accidentally getting more Christian.” And Sears said he’s not alone.

Others have relayed similar experiences, which Sears believes is due to the fact that “evil isn’t hiding anymore.”

“The presence of evil and Satan that evil emanates from has never been more obvious. At least, in my lifetime,” Sears said.

“The past three years, evil isn’t hiding anymore. It’s coming at us through authoritarianism, movements, people groups, companies, and governments trying to invade our minds, invade our God-given free will. So, as that’s become more obvious, I think there’s a natural polarity that happens.

“If you’re not someone who’s willing to do the devil’s bidding, if you’re not someone who’s willing to propagate evil, then there’s a natural occurrence that happens. When you’re in the presence of evil, you polarize to the other extreme. You may not even be consciously aware of it, but the presence of evil makes you lean away. Then, therefore, what direction are you leaning towards?

“That would be the direction of God,” he said.

Sears said he now looks at traditional Christian values, such as faith in God and a family-first approach to life, with “a lot of respect and reverence.”

“I’m looking at these Christian values and they make way more sense to me now than they previously did.”

Sears said he used to be embarrassed to talk about God, and would often substitute the term with alternatives, such as “the universe” and “the all-knowing,” but now says he finds joy in talking about Him.

“I’d just create different names, but I actually just meant God. So I’m delighted to say now I have, not only no shame about saying God, but I actually have joy in saying, God.”

Sears went on to encourage his followers to do four things: 1. Have faith in God; 2. Listen to God; 3. Pray to God; 4. Live a life of service.


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