84-Year-Old Pro-life Volunteer SHOT Over Abortion Bill That Could Protect Paedophiles and Exploit Women

The elderly volunteer received a ‘gunshot wound to the back/shoulder while leaving a residence during a heated conversation.’

Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, is demanding justice for a broad range of attacks against Pro-life carers, after an 84-year-old, Right to Life Michigan volunteer was shot in the back.

In a September 24 press release, Right to Life reported an as-yet-unnamed elderly volunteer from Lake Odessa received a ‘gunshot wound to the back/shoulder, while leaving a residence during a heated conversation.’

The RTL volunteer was door-knocking in the area to inform citizens about the dangers of a pro-abortion bill known as Proposal 3, when the alleged shooter, who wasn’t part of the conversation, reportedly attacked the 84-year-old volunteer.

RTL added, there is no known motive for the attack. The assailant was also unknown to the victim, who is now recovering at home. Michigan State Police are investigating the incident.

Proposal 3 is a citizen bill designed to radicalise Michigan’s abortion laws through an anything-goes, vague redefining of “reproductive freedom.”

Current Michigan law only allows abortion where the life of the mother is threatened, and before a heartbeat can be detected.

Activists behind Proposal 3’s suggested legislative changes are largely funded by far-left wing organisation, the monolithic extremist group ACLU upwards to the tune of USD $10,628,722.73.

Citizens to Support MI Women and Children PAC are opposing Proposal 3, with the support of Michigan Catholic Conference and Right to Life of Michigan.

Explaining the perils of the bill, Great Lakes Justice Centre said in a brief: “This radical proposal is not solely about abortion; rather, this poorly worded change to [Michigan’s] State Constitution will create additional new rights and invalidates numerous existing laws protecting women, children, and parents.”

The pro-termination of life in the womb proposal opens a veritable pandora’s box, justified by activists as protecting ‘black minorities and the LGBT community.’

Proposal 3’s ‘contradicts existing laws,’ GLJC argued, making the proposed ‘poorly defined’ amendments bad law.

P3 gives a blank cheque to abortion, allowing for partial birth termination and would legalise the murder of a baby in the womb ‘based on disability, at any time based upon a child’s disability, gender, race, or for any other reason.’

Among the 16 points provided by GLJC (PDF), Proposal 3 also:

  • ‘Allows a minor child to have an abortion without the knowledge or consent of the child’s parents.’
  • Violates parental rights in directing their children’s upbringing and education…’
  • ‘Creates a right for a minor child to procure a sex change via permanent and irreversible sterilization without the knowledge or consent of the child’s parents.’
  • ‘Allows school clinics to provide contraceptives to children without the knowledge or consent of the child’s parents.’
  • Potentially protects paedophiles, by ‘prohibiting enforcement of criminal statutes against statutory rape and child sexual abuse (MCL 750.520), female genital mutilation; E.g.: sex between a 12-year-old girl and a 45-year-old man will now be protected by this new right, so long as the child “consents.”
  • Promotes the exploitation of women by ‘allowing for a forced abortion in potential contracts for surrogacy.

Proposal 3, GLJC concluded, is ‘extreme, undefined, broad, and vague.’

The bill would create a constitutional ‘super-right’ that would ‘inevitably collide’ with civil liberties such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, informed consent, and freedom of conscience.

The attack precedes Friday’s heavy-handed FBI raid and arrest of Mark Houck, after the Biden administration’s Department of Justice stormed the pro-life pastoral carer’s home, treated him like a terrorist, and took the father of seven at gunpoint.

Calling for justice, Live Action founder, Lila Rose responded to the two incidents in a lengthy Twitter thread.

Rose rightly pointed out that the shooting was part of an alarming list of increased violence from far-left pro-abort activists, egged on by the Biden administration, post-Dodds V. Jackson, which saw the U.S Supreme Court repeal Roe V. Wade.

Rose stated, “The past 12 weeks, we have seen acts of vandalism & violence toward churches & pro-life pregnancy resource centres. We have seen ZERO indictments or arrests from the DOJ. This bias in our justice system is a danger to our way of life & legitimacy of our institutions.”

“Every American must demand justice,” Rose asserted. “Justice for Mark Houck, facing political persecution from our government. Justice for the canvasser shot in Michigan. Justice for the more than 2,000 preborn children killed by abortion daily. Our nation must do better & we must demand it.”

The increase in violence follows Joe Biden’s so-called ‘rally for unity’ in early September, where the President encouraged the idea that “anyone not a Democrat, is to be viewed as a domestic terrorist.”

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