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10-year-old girl expelled from class for a week after making ‘homophobic’ comments during LGBT lessons

A 10-year-old girl has been excluded from class for a week after her teacher accused her of making ‘homophobic’ remarks.

Kaysey, a star pupil at her primary school in south London, was accused of saying LGBT people should be killed. Kaysey denied the allegations saying she’s not homophobic, she just doesn’t want to sit through LGBT lessons at school.

“I think that they’re trying to confuse children into saying what are you,” she told Christian Concern.

“Because before anybody knew what LGBT meant, everybody knew what gender they were, but now people are confused on this and [saying] that they’re bisexual and trans because they’re confused and people are trying to say it’s okay.

“Before all of this happened they were completely confident of who they were, but now they’re not,” Kaysey said.


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