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WATCH: Victorian Police Drag Terrified Woman From Car Because of Phone Charger

Video has captured the moment Victorian Police dragged a terrified woman from her car after she refused to remove a windshield-mounted phone charger.

Natalie Bonnet of Melbourne posted a video of the incident to social media on Saturday, showing officers demanding to see identification after allegedly accusing her of having an illegal phone charger.

After the woman refused to give her name and address, the officer then calls for backup.

“All because I have a… charger on my car?” Bonnet asked the officer. “They sell them everywhere. They sell them at petrol stations?”

“That’s not the problem anymore,” the officer responded. “The problem is you’re not stating your name to me.”

“Just because I have a car charger?” she asked.

The officer responded: “Can you get out of the car, please?”

“No,” Bonnet said. “I don’t feel safe. You’re armed.”

“You’re safe, don’t you worry about that,” the officer replied before unlocking her door and dragging her screaming from the vehicle by her legs.

Bonnet later uploaded the video to Facebook, saying:”I am shaking and my blood is boiling.”

“Whilst going through the Wallan checkpoint, as I usually do every single day & [produce] my license and permit, I was stopped before even entering the checkpoint and the police officers told me that it was against the law to have my phone on a car charger mount on my windshield to which I was in disbelief, he then attempted to get into my vehicle at which I started recording.

“They called for backup and had 4 police officers grab me by the legs and pull me out of my car and arrest me. While trying to cuff me they had their knees in my back and couldn’t breathe.”

WATCH (Language Warning):

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