A Church Conference for 2022 – Stand Firm in the Faith 

“Steel in the spine is what most Christians lack, and deep down genuinely want.”

In these days, Christians don’t need help to dream small, expect to be conquered, and question Christianity. Those things are not virtues, but they are the general themes you pick up at a lot of evangelical conferences. And they are what secularists hope we embody. 

What Christians do need help with is standing firm, unapologetically and militantly for the Christian truth, ethic and message. Not because we have one of many feasible worldviews, or even because we have the most feasible worldview – but because we have the only reasonable worldview that exists.

The best way to love our neighbours is to insist unwaveringly on the only set of truth claims that will lead to their flourishing, and open to them the gates of eternal life. The only way to love starts with declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Steel in the spine is what most Christians lack, and deep down genuinely want. But what are they to do? The reason, of course, that most Evangelical leaders can’t rally the troops is this; those whose spines are without steel cannot put steel into others. Bet your bottom dollar they’ll sit back and critique your tone, however. 

That’s why at Hope Reformed Baptist Church (in QLD), we are committed to training everyday Christians who know what they believe, why they believe it, and how to defend it. Part of our aim to do that is our annual Apologetics and Worldview conference: Stand Firm (see last year’s sessions with James White here).

Stand Firm: in the faith, our theme for 2022, aims at equipping Christians in living all of life under the lordship of Christ; in topics such as evangelism, apologetics, belonging to a local Church, and Dr Joel Beeke will be joining via zoom to teach on Family Worship! 

Held on Saturday, September 17, we have Ps Craig Ireland flying in from the USA, and Ps Warren McKenzie (co-author of the Ezekiel Declaration) as guest speakers. They will speak on topics such as Pastors with backbone, how to avoid woke-ism in our epistemology, and more. I (Tom Foord) look forward to teaching on the rise of deconstruction (which is just rebranded “apostasy”), the vital need for clarity around gender roles, and how the Christian can live in light of the Missio Dei. 

Every ticket holder receives a conference pack, including a free book, and most excitingly – a FREE year long subscription to Ligonier Connect. Ligonier has partnered with us to put world class teaching and online study material in the hands of the everyday Christian, through Ligonier Connect. This subscription alone is worth over $100, well over the cost of the Stand Firm ticket, which is just $60.*

With catered morning tea and lunch provided, we trust you will have a tremendous day of fellowship and learning! Be sure to grab a shirt at the store!

Register for the conference here! If you know someone who may benefit, please share this with them!

If you want to invite an unbeliever, and you can’t cover their funds, please email, as we would be happy to cover the cost of their ticket. 

For the glory of the King, 
Tom Foord and the Stand Firm team. Hope to see you there. 

*Individuals must attend to receive the Ligonier Connect subscription. 

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