NSW Announces Vaccine Passports: “Ticket to Putting the Worst Behind Us”

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham described the move as “just another government grab for power and control over our lives.”

The New South Wales Minister for Digital Information on Tuesday announced the introduction of Vaccine Passports.

Victor Dominello made the announcement in a post on Instagram, saying he welcomed the move, describing it as our “ticket to put the worst of this pandemic behind us.”

“I definitely welcome the news of a vaccine passports,” he said. “Also welcome the news that federal Govt is working with Google and Apple — so it can be stored in digital wallets.”

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham responded to the news in a post on Facebook, saying the privacy and freedom implications of this are huge, warning of constant privacy breaches in the database Dominello runs at Service NSW.

“Now he wants to police society’s movements and access to basic services and employment through the Service NSW App,” he said.

Adding, “This goes well beyond QR codes, right to your private health information.”

Likening the move to something you’d expect to see in China or North Korea, Latham said Vaccine Passports would force people to be vaccinated, despite having legitimate concerns or objections.

“Many people,” Latham said, “are (1) waiting for clearer evidence about the safety of these vaccines, especially given that AstraZeneca has led to 6 Australians dying, with a further 90 blood clot episodes and over 28,000 reports of adverse reactions (official Commonwealth TGA data); (2) do not want the vaccine pushed upon their children; (3) have conscientious objections to vaccines on religious and other grounds; and (4) do not support the government holding and controlling so much private information about our lives.”

Latham went on to say that no one should be punished for their vaccine choices and that the medical decisions of all Australias, whether they’re for the vaccine or against, should be respected.

“Just yesterday, Premier Berejiklian said the Vaccine Passport was not on the agenda at the moment,” he said. “The Government cannot even be honest about its intentions.”

Latham described the move as “just another government grab for power and control over our lives.”

Adding, “It’s wrong and unnecessary. One Nation will fight it all the way.”

In June, Apple announced the coming iOS15 update would include a vaccine passport feature within the Health app.

The new feature will allow users to store their medical records within their phone, which can be then shared to regain access to basic aspects of society, such as travel, work, and entertainment.

According to Apple’s website: “Institutions will be able to issue verifiable lab results and immunization records, including COVID-19 test results and vaccinations, that can be downloaded and stored in the Health app.”

The site goes on to say: “You can securely share verifiable immunization and lab results to facilitate flights, workplace screenings, event screenings, and more.”

The update is set to be released in spring.

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