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July 4 Celebrations Banned, Protests Permitted: Patriots in California Defy Governor

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom delivered a proclamation marking the 244th year since the Revolutionary War that officially severed the 13 Colonies feudal cord with the British Empire.

While Newsom’s ‘Independence Day’ proclamation was framed by the American national holiday, his message was more a short treatise on stopping the spread of the Wuhan COVID-19 virus.

In an inversion of the American Revolutionary goal of independence, liberty from a tyrannical government, fraternity, equality and self-determination under God, Newsom called for obedience to the state, as he gave special exemptions to protestors, and enforced compliance with his government’s “emergency” COVID-19 counter-measure decrees elsewhere.

The discontinuity between his fiats for the general public to aim at not spreading the virus, and his government’s permission for protesters to, in effect, potentially spread the virus is a markedly stark contradiction.

Californians are not to gather for a large family or group celebrations, the reopening of cinemas has been rolled back, singing in Church has been banned, and 4th of July fireworks displays were cancelled.

Newsom’s rules, and requests, are not being applied to Marxist, LGBTQAII+ Black Lives Matters Party political rallies (“peaceful protests”).

This unequal treatment is set to try the American public’s already thin patience with the tantrums of well clothed, well educated, well funded, privileged Western Marxists trying to remake the United States in their own historically vicious image.

The reasoning for which, when stripped of its emotionally charged slogans, and the “systemic racism”, intersectionality proton-pseudos, is an innate, seething ideological hatred – an intolerance of Jews and Christians, hatred for people with a lighter shade of melanin, heterosexuals, traditional marriage, families, and the flawed success of the United States as a beacon of promise, creativity, self-sacrifice, liberty, faith, hope and opportunity.

Newsom’s mixed messages to the people of California have given rise to just criticism, and a coordinated defiance.

As James Woods highlighted on Twitter: “Commie Newsom banned ALL gatherings July 4 in California with the sole exception of protests (of course). He further banned fireworks displays. California had some other ideas.”

He’s right. The virus is either a genuine emergency, or it isn’t.

Californians reminded the world and the bureaucratic caste that the 4th of July, is still about the home of the free, because of the brave!

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