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African-American Woman Confronts BLM Protesters in CHAZ: ‘Democrats Hate Black People.’

An African-American woman has been filmed preaching to protesters within CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, telling them that only Jesus can save them, not Black Lives Matter or the Democratic Party.

Bevelyn Beatty, a pro-life advocate, entered the area to expose fake news reports about the movement currently occupying approximately 6-9 blocks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbourhood.

Video of the event, which was live-streamed to Beatty’s YouTube channel, shows the woman calling out the Democrats as harmful to the black community, suggesting a vote for Joe Biden would have a devastating impact on African-Americans.

“Fake news? You see, this is the thing. I know people don’t like Trump, but let me tell you something. If I had to pick between him and Joe Biden, I’m not voting Joe Biden! You want to see a bunch of black people go to jail by the next four years? Put Joe Biden’s name down. Watch what happens,” she said.

“You want to see black men get killed substantially, like things you’ve never seen before? Put Joe Biden’s name down. Watch what happens. These democrats and I’m sorry I’m not trying to be racist, these Democrats hate black people. These are the same Democrats who fought to keep slavery in.

“It’s run by the same people who built the KKK. These are the same people who hated us from the beginning. The Republican Party is the party of the blacks. The Republican Party is the only party that the black people assisted in founding. But history and the truth has been torn away.

“So the same democrats who hated blacks from the beginning are the same ones who hate us now. And they use our cause… How did black lives matter turn into something about LGBTQ, when blacks don’t really support that. We are conservative. We are really not about that.

“Not only that we don’t support abortion. We are workers. This is the black culture. We ain’t about that. We don’t support feminism. Black women matter to their husbands and they support their husbands. That’s what we are. We aren’t all ‘I do what I want’ business. We don’t do that. That’s not our community. Yet these people are hijacking our movement. No!”

Beatty went on to say to protesters: “You want the benefit of Christ. But you don’t want Jesus. There’s no Allah, there’s no Mohammed, there’s no Buddha, there’s Jesus. He’s the one who died, he’s the one who has the keys to heaven… You have to accept Jesus because he is the only way.”


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