World Pride and the World Attack on Heterosexuality

“If the UK is fast seeing disagreement with LGBTQ+ policies thrust into the lives of schoolchildren as a terrorist act, then shouldn’t every parent, grandparent, and safeguarder of children be speaking up collectively now?”

February 2023 is the month when the LGBTQ+ juggernaut really ramped up its attempt to convert our children and destroy any notion that heterosexuality has any God-given beauty to it.

Let’s start with World Pride 2023.

In the run-up to the global fleshfest (and you’ll see why I chose that word if you read on), we have had several stories come out of Sydney which have enraged local residents, and rightfully so.

The first was the ‘gay bear mural’ of a large hairy, naked man, dressed in bondage straps, with a teddy bear’s head smiling at onlookers. This was strategically positioned near Wynyard, one of Sydney’s central city stations. This is hardly an image a healthy society would want little city kids to stare at on their way to school.

Someone took matters into their own hands and painted over the controversial gay pride mural, daubing over it with the words ‘leave the kids alone’. Of course, one woke mainstream news outlet called the defacers ‘homophobic vandals’, and yet I have several gay friends who tell me they believe it was a wholly inappropriate image to plaster across a wall that every passer-by was then forced to see.

The next case in question was multiple identical images spread across the city of Sydney. Created by “Scottie Marsh,” they were a play on the fun angel wings mural now found in most cities, only this one wasn’t something heavenly focussed but was crudely called #dickwings. It was made up of 124 images of penises compacted together in place of the usual feathers found on angels’ wings.

Perverted enough though this may be, the distributors of this image did not forget about the children. Oh no. They were also plastered against walls at such a height that toddlers and children could themselves capture their own image enfolded in a rainbow of phallic symbols, a picture to be to looked back upon time and again in the family photo album. Yes, the words ‘Man’s Best Friend’ were placed alongside the lower mural so as to get distributors out of trouble, claiming it was meant only for animals at that height, but my Sydney friends speak of kids being pressured into being photographed by reckless adults – just “as fun” of course. Quietly and subtly, the kids are converted.

Reflect carefully, if this isn’t indoctrination through perversion of society as a whole, and especially of minors, then what is?

Going back to the words ‘leave the kids alone’ plastered across the defaced gay bear mural, this is exactly what the LGBTQ agenda doesn’t want to do. Minors are unquestionably their focus.

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus told us this brazenly through their ‘Message from the Gay Community’ in their video ‘We’ll convert your children’ back in July 2021. If you never read their lyrics, then just some of them are as follows:

You think that we’ll corrupt your kids
If our agenda goes unchecked
Funny, just this once, you’re correct

We’ll convert your children
Happens bit by bit
Quietly and subtlely
And you will barely notice it

Just like you worriеd
They’ll change their group of friеnds
You won’t approve of where they go at night
Oh, and you’ll be disgusted
When they start finding things online
That you’ve kept far from their sight
Guess what?
You’ll still be alright!

We’ll convert your children
Reaching one and all
There’s really no escaping it

Even Pink Floyd has had us all screaming ‘Leave the kids alone’ in their timeless song, Another Brick in the Wall in 1979. What was seen as not acceptable in the late ‘70s is now mandatory some forty years later.

The never-ending LGBTQ+ propaganda machine, which operates on the three stages of desensitization, jamming and, oh yes, conversion, is outlined in Paul Rondeau’s famous article, Selling Homosexuality to America. This begins with the quotation “Truth is not the issue. The issue is power”.

Rondeau’s penultimate paragraph reads:

Gay rights is not about the attainment of truth nor social justice but the achievement of power. The battle centers on the control of public discourse through marketing and persuasion, to shape what society thinks about and how they think about it. Homosexual activists envision that a decision is ultimately made without society ever realizing that it has been purposely conditioned to arrive at a conclusion that it thinks is its own.

Our kids are being indoctrinated online with endless messaging such as videos from drag queens like Trixie Mattel and Katya. One of their hundreds of videos, which has nearly 7 million views, amongst their hundreds of videos accessible to minors centres on ‘Straight People’. It contains the drag queens saying phrases such as,

“…backpedalling to the true monsters – the heterosexuals”,

“straight people are gross”

“I think of the oppression that we escape as gay people, and I think of straight people living it forever.”

Then there is the excuse that everything the LGBTQ+ community does and says is permissible, “Sorry, can’t help it – I’m gay!” as though public displays of perversion, intolerance, bigotry and hatred are justified because of one minority’s sexual feelings.

When discussing how dads are more attracted to drag queens than their kids are, Katya says “my ovaries literally explode in the kid’s face.” Since when did a bloke in drag have ovaries? He goes on to say about the heterosexual community, “we are fortunate to engage with that minority”. But the real dagger comes in the phrase, “if you know a straight person, stop!”

Yet scientific research continues to show us repeatedly that experiencing any form of same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria is linked not to genetics but rather to environment and an individual’s emotional responses to developmental situations. In other words, people aren’t born with a sexual orientation. Our sexual attractions are developed over time within all of us.

During my 12 years of facilitating an ongoing spiritual support group in London for hundreds of people experiencing same-sex attraction, around 80 per cent of attendees were aware of some form of sexual abuse during their developmental years. Half of this abuse – around 40 per cent – happened at the hands of those with a homosexual inclination, a significantly higher proportion than the falsely proclaimed statistic that 10 per cent of society is gay.

It seems no wonder that the LGBTQ+ community want to shut down every possible avenue of prayer and therapy which might permit individuals with same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria from insightfully exploring issues from their past. This can often lead to individuals facing head-on their sexual abuse, which in turn can result in convictions — and this can lead to bad press for the gay community.

Australia and the USA remember the story of gay couple Australian Mark Newton and his American boyfriend Peter Truong who, ten years ago, were found to have sexually abused their adopted son. An almost identical scenario was reported only several weeks ago with the report of one gay couple in Georgia being charged with sexually abusing the children they adopted, and also pimping them out to a paedophile ring.

The collective LGBTQ+ community doesn’t know how not to be overtly sexual and how not to distribute and celebrate depravity, both direct causes of the effects of childhood sexual abuse and childhood sexualisation.

What is sad for Australia is not only that the Prime Minister, Anthony ‘Albo’ Albanese, refused to walk in the ANZAC parade celebrating his own nation’s war heroes, he prides himself as the first Australian prime minister to march in Sydney’s Mardi Gras, claiming to news cameras, “Everyone should be respected for who they are and tonight’s a celebration of that, and it’s a great example of what an amazing country this is.”

Everyone should be respected, Albo? What about the present disrespect being shown to traumatised same-sex attracted or gender dysphoric citizens who want to pursue proven, life-giving therapy (and prayer) which has been banned in one territory and three of Australia’s six states, and is being forcibly pushed by politicians via LGBTQ+ protagonists to be banned in the three remaining states?

These laws disrespect same-sex attracted and gender dysphoric people and cause them grave harm. They are already leading to greater mental anguish in the lives of those who can no longer access services which previously for some have made the difference between living life and existing on the brink of death.

I end with news coming out of the UK, which often experiences events that swiftly land on Australian soil.

Dr Bernard Randall, 50, a school chaplain, at the private Christian high school, Trent College, in Nottingham has been sacked for defending the right of his students to question the new LGBT policies which were enforced upon them.

Randall has spoken of his fears for ‘freedom of speech and for Christian freedoms’ after losing an unfair dismissal case. He told pupils they were allowed to disagree with the measures, particularly if they felt they ran contrary to Church of England principles.

It was the school, which has a long Anglican tradition, that decided his sermon was harmful to pupils, secretly reporting him to the anti-terrorism Prevent programme – which normally identifies those at risk of radicalisation. The school later fired him.

He said, “This is also a personal blow. We will appeal, so it takes up yet more of my life. But it is only one battle in the war to preserve free speech and the liberal values which built our country.”

If the UK is fast seeing disagreement with LGBTQ+ policies thrust into the lives of schoolchildren as a terrorist act, then shouldn’t every parent, grandparent, and safeguarder of children be speaking up collectively now?

As a former gay activist, I see World Pride 2023 equally qualifying as World Attack on Heterosexuality 2023. Australia has little to be proud of if this is what it pedals to the rest of the world.

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