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Media and corporate elites furious at Folau’s support, bizarrely accuse him of taking money from dying kids, Mark Latham comes to his defence

The media and corporate elites are ramping up their attacks on Israel Folau, now accusing the former rugby star of “greed” after he started a Go Fund Me page to help with legal expenses in his fight with Rugby Australia.

Numerous news stories have been published by mainstream media, scolding Folau for asking his supporters to back him, suggesting instead he ought to sell his own properties and fund his legal action himself.

Former teammate and Rugby commentator, Drew Mitchell, was praised by elites such as Peter FitzSimons for accusing Folau of greed, bizarrely suggesting that Folau thinks he deserves more donations than sick children.

Since it was posted, the tweet has been shared by just about every major news outlet in Australia, if not every news outlet.

What Mitchell seemingly fails to understand is that Folau did not actually force anyone to donate to his fight. Nor did he take money away from any of the other causes mentioned. People chose to make a donation, and they’re more than free to do so.

If multi-millionaires like Peter FitzSimons were concerned about the children pictured, then they should, out of their own pockets, donate as much as they like to the causes that concern them.

One Nation MP Mark Latham came to the defence of Folau, calling him an inspiration to others in the communities he came from, communities the multi-millionaires and media elites attacking him would know nothing about.

“The combined financial might of Rugby Australia and its corporate sponsors has billions in the bank,” Latham tweeted. “They have sacked a young man for his religious beliefs that had nothing to do with footy. Now with legal cases probably headed to the High Court, they attack his crowd funding?”

“I know well the places where Israel Folau started out: Minto and Lurnea. The media elites attacking him would not know these places from a bar of soap. That he has done well financially off the back of footy earnings is fantastic, an inspiration to others in these communities.”

“We are trying to improve schooling in places like Minto/Lurnea so poor people do not need to rely so heavily on sporting prowess to get ahead financially. But for young Christian Islanders in these places, there must be no barrier to playing footy, making $$ and quoting the Bible.”

“It says so much about corporate and media elites in Australia that their main obsessive attack is on an Islander born in Minto, educated in Lurnea, who made good playing footy and also became a born-again Christian. Sod these bastards, I’m with Folau 100% and all from Minnow!!”

More than 7,000 people have donated to Folau’s legal action fund, which currently sits at close to $570,000.

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