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WATCH: Tommy Robinson helps save terrified young children from rioting Muslim protesters

Supporters of Tommy Robinson, including families with young children, were yesterday met by a violent group of protesters known as the Muslim Defence League. Robinson, who is standing as a candidate for the North West, was in Oldham to deliver a speech at a peaceful campaign event.

“Just like for the last three weeks, I’ve travelled the North West visiting different working-class estates,” Robinson said. “Each one of my events have been peaceful family events, where people have brought their children…”

The peaceful rally at Oldham quickly turned violent, however, when the Muslim mob, who were shouting “racist scum”, began hurling bricks and eggs at Robinson’s supporters.

Horrifying footage uploaded to social media shows Robinson assisting as terrified children are escorted from the violent protesters.

“Officer, where’s the police escort?” Robinson asked a policeman at the scene. “Do your window up and cover their faces in case bricks come through. Cover their faces,” Robinson warned as the van pulled away.

According to, police escorted the masked counter-protesters to where Robinson had set up his makeshift stage to deliver his speech.

“Imagine if the English Defence League had marched their supporters to an event that had been organised by a Muslim candidate for, say the Labour Party, and Muslims with their families were gathered to listen to his or her speech,” said.

“Do you think the police would have escorted the English Defence League and stood by while they screamed ‘Muslim scum off our streets?’ Do you think they would have stood by twiddling their… thumbs while Muslims were being attacked?”


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