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WATCH: Tommy Robinson destroys BBC and fake news media: ‘You try to portray that I am hated, but YOU are hated.’

Tommy Robinson has slammed the BBC and fake news media in a speech delivered to thousands of supporters gathered outside the Old Bailey yesterday.

“If we went and found members of the British public and they met me, they’d shake my hand and tell me to carry on going,” Robinson said.

“If you told them that you work for the BBC, you’d get a completely different response to what I get. You wish to try and portray that I am hated, whereas in reality, it’s you that are hated.

“You have lied, you have played your part, and all of you who call yourselves journalists, you all knew what was happening to those girls in all of those towns and cities and you’ve done nothing. You’ve said nothing.

“None of you have reported that fact that three other journalists — the same weekend that I was imprisoned — three national journalists… broke the same reporting restriction that I was imprisoned for the same weekend. You all know they did, and none of you have reported that,” he said.


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