Another Australian MP Breaks With Totalitarianism in a Bold Stand for Freedom

“Davies, and her diverse, but like-minded supporters within the ranks, are putting themselves and their careers between the public and the rise of totalitarianism.”

Australian MP, Tanya Davies is among a small section of New South Wales politicians defending the rights of the constituency.

The LNP member for Mulgoa is putting together a private bill that will ban mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.

Davies explained to the ABC that any proposed “no jab, no job” policy is an “attack” on the people of NSW and a form of “discrimination”.’

Predicting the inevitable political fallout, Davies said, the LNP “government needs urgently to pull back on this one area of forcing vaccines upon people, or it is just going to be a blood bath at the next election.”

Other consequences of such a policy, she said, include “a wide range of liability and unfair dismissals.”

“No person,” Davies asserted, “should lose their job if they do not get vaccinated. A person may not be vaccinated for any number of medical, ethical, or religious reasons.”

Davies is backed by NSW Counter Terrorism Minister Anthony Roberts and Liberal MP Nathaniel Smith.

The private members bill was triggered by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s “no jab, no pay” decree for construction workers.

Davies told 2GB radio, the order was a “step too far;” adding that “The government has misread this issue and needs to urgently go back to the drawing board and make these changes. They’re basically appearing and acting like a dictator.”

The member from Mulgoa has wide support from the public, but not the majority support of her colleagues.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Davies took heat from “ministers in the Liberal party for speaking out about mandatory vaccinations.” elaborated on the clash, describing Davies opposition as a declaration of war.

According to the report Davies was “ganged up on” in a zoom meeting, with “some MPs claiming that the Premier “cut Davies off, and interrupted her.”

While other MPs stated that the meeting was “nothing extraordinary, people just disagreed with her.” asked Attorney-General Mark Speakman about the incident, he declined to comment.

However, Speakman is on record with NCA NewsWire saying that “any discouragement of vaccination was a “dereliction of duty.”

Harsh criticism for Davies also came from State deputy Premier, John Barilaro.

Barilaro, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘denounced the bill in a reply-all email to Coalition MPs.’

Barilaro’s email defending mandatory COVID vaccinations, and subsequently government taking control over the health decisions of their constituents, disingenuously claimed that:

 “The only way we will get out of this latest outbreak is through vaccination, meaning we can all have freedom again.”

He adds,

“it was an individual’s choice to get the jab and that no one was forced to do it, but added “that comes at a price. That means your [the vaccine hesitant’s] freedoms will be curtailed.”

Translation: “the covaxx isn’t mandatory, but it is.”

In his public attack on Davies, Barilaro appears to have glossed over the fact that vaccinated and unvaccinated alike were both receptors and transmitters of COVID-19.

Covaxxes only reduce the severity of COVID symptoms. The current varieties neither stop infection nor transmission.

Tanya Davies is a mother of two, and the former minister for women.

This isn’t her first political fight.

She opposed Berejiklian’s poor procedural handling of an ambush, extreme leftist abortion bill rushed through the NSW parliament following the last state election.

Davies was also part of a leadership challenge that Barilaro and the now NSW health minister “bully” Brad Hazzard strongly opposed.

Proof that both Barilaro and Hazzard are no fans of the outspoken female MP.

Davies has proven to be consistent in her quest to preserve life, civil rights, and civil liberties.

Davies, and her diverse, but like-minded supporters within the ranks, are putting themselves and their careers between the public and the rise of totalitarianism.

For this, they deserve our full support.

Along with Mark Latham, George Christensen, and Craig Kelly, these members are true representatives of the people.

They are serving us, not demanding that we serve them.

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Tanya Davies’ speeches can be found here.

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