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WATCH: Pastor Confronts Colorado Lawmakers, Calls Them To Repentance

"You resist the Federal Government for marijuana but you won't do it for children," Pastor Durbin said.

Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church has called Colorado lawmakers to repentance while testifying before the state legislature on behalf of the Bill for Equal Protection.

The bill (HB 1079), which was submitted by Rep. Dave Williams and Pastor Durbin, would abolish abortion in the state of Colorado by recognizing the rights of human beings within the womb and affording them equal protection.

Pastor Durbin testified before the Colorado legislature on February 23, saying he was speaking “on behalf of over 60 million pre-born human beings murdered since the tyranny of roe and the thousands killed daily.”

Durbin noted that the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe vs Wade is not law, evidenced by the state’s existing marijuana legislation which is at odds with the Federal Government’s decision on the issue.

“You resist the Federal Government for marijuana but you won’t do it for children,” Pastor Durbin said.

“That’s a sin. It’s a crime. I call you to turn to Christ and do what’s right and establish justice.”