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Victorian Chief Health Officer Says He Almost Wet Himself With Excitement Getting a Third Jab

These are the "experts" they'll call you crazy for questioning.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, has tweeted about his experience getting vaccinated against Covid for the third time in a year, saying he almost wet himself due to the excitement.

In the tweet that triggered the hashtag, #BedwetterBrett, Sutton said: “Juts got boosted. So excited I nearly wet… um, very excited. #GetBoostedNow”

Understandably, the tweet has attracted a barrage of mockery for being “gross” and “creepy.” Some initially questioned whether the Victorian CHO’s Twitter account had been hacked. It wasn’t.

Others said Sutton is too immature for the role of Chief Health Officer, noting that the same tweet, from a business account, would be responded to with discipline or termination.

The question remains, however, why nobody close to Sutton has advised him to delete the weird post. Maybe they thought an acknowledgement of tweet-regret would bring more unwanted attention to it. Maybe everybody close to him thought it’s an entirely normal way to promote the third jab.

Either way, it’s just a reminder that these are the “experts” they’ll call you crazy for questioning.