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Perth Marxists Organise Abortion Protest for International Women’s Day

"Marxists and Sex ed teachers marching arm in arm for abortion. Not creepy at all."

Marxist front group “Defend Abortion Action Group” is planning a pro-abortion protest in Perth for International Women’s Day on March 8th. The stated aims of the protest are to fight sexism, fight the “far right”, and guarantee taxpayer-funded free abortions in W.A.

Free abortions, because legal abortion just isn’t enough. Source: Facebook

The recently founded Defend Abortion Action Group has only had two spokespeople in its short history, Ana Obradovic of Socialist Alternative and group “co-convenor” Nicole McEwen again of Socialist Alternative.

Socialist Alternative was founded in 1995 and is a revolutionary Marxist organisation dedicated to the violent overthrow of the Australian government. The first line of the “Statement of principles” freely available on their website declares that they “stand for the overthrow of capitalism and the construction of a world socialist system”.

Socialist Alternative is Australia’s largest left-wing extremist group and have been responsible for dozens of violent protests including:

 Nicole McEwen, proud feminist and Marxist. Source: Facebook

Notable past events including the Defend Abortion Action Group include:

  • Perth spokeswoman Nicole McEwen accosting W.A Premier Mark McGowan on the UWA campus in August last year and being led away by security after squealing about abortions being made free.
  • Violently blockading a Catholic church hosting a pro-life event in the Perth suburb of Kelmscott in October last year.
  • Defend Abortion Action Group South Australian organiser Ana Obradovic causing a change in location of a pro-life event in Adelaide with the threat of violent protest after which the group was publicly condemned by the S.A Liberal leader as the ‘rabid left’.

The event is being co-organised by “Bloom-Ed – Relationship and Sexuality Education Advocacy”  a group which mostly seems to spend its time advocating for abortion, gay pride, and the increased teaching of sexuality-based subjects to children in schools.

Marxists and Sex ed teachers marching arm in arm for abortion. Not creepy at all.

Apparently also a protest against the Proud Boys somehow. Odd. Source: Facebook