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Judge rules misgendering your child is “family violence”, father found guilty.

A Canadian judge has ruled that parents who fail to recognise and affirm the gender identity of their gender-confused children are guilty of “family violence.”

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari found the father of a 14-year-old girl guilty after he publicly and privately referred to his daughter as a girl, despite the fact that she now identifies as a boy.

According to Marzari’s ruling the father’s “expressions of rejection of [his daughter’s] gender identity, both publicly and privately, constitutes family violence [against the child].”

The ruling also prohibits the father from addressing his daughter by her birth name and referring to her as a girl or with female pronouns either directly or to third parties. Violation of this ruling “shall be considered to be family violence under s. 38 of the Family Law Act.”

Marzari also ruled that the child is permitted to change her legal name and gender without the consent of her father or mother.

According to Life Site News, Marzari’s order is the latest blow against the father in his legal battle to stop his troubled daughter’s transition.”

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