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WATCH: NSW Police tell Lauren Southern she’s not allowed to walk down a street with a Mosque on it: ‘You’re not welcome…’

A NSW Police Inspector has told Lauren Southern not to approach a Sydney Mosque because her presence would likely cause a “breach of the peace.”

When Southern asked the Inspector why her presence would cause a breach of the peace, the officer said “because it’s highly religious down there.”

“Would it be me causing a breach of the peace or would it be the people there?” Southern asked.

“Well, your presence may cause them to be offensive– be objected to you attending there–” the Inspector responded before asking not to be filmed.

“Do I have the legal right to walk down this area?” Southern asked. “At this point in time, no,” the officer responded. Southern pressed further, “Am I allowed to do interviews?” “No, you’re not welcome there,” the Inspector replied. “You’re committing a breach of the peace. I’ve given you that warning and if you do that you may be breaking the law.”

“As far as I’m concerned, you have Sharia Law here,” Southern said. “Don’t tell me you don’t have no-go zones. Lakemba is a mono-culture.”


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