‘Absolutely Atrocious’: Top Doctor Says Banning Outdoor Activity Was A ‘Major Mistake’

“Stopping people going outside was never a good idea,” the Professor said.

A leading Australian doctor has said banning people from outdoor activities during the height of Covidiocy was a massive mistake that should never be repeated, and the Australian media finally feel safe enough to mention it.

Professor Peter Collingnon, an infectious disease expert who previously worked for the World Health Organisation, described the move as “absolutely atrocious,” and said Australia should “never in the future stop people from being outdoors.”

One outlet reporting on the Professor’s comments acknowledged that several studies now have shown that as few as one in 1,000 cases of Covid were transmitted outdoors – if that.

“No matter how hard you look, you cannot find transmission outdoors,” the Professor told Daily Mail.

This wasn’t a conclusion the Professor came to with the benefit of hindsight, but had been warning of it “three years ago too,” he said.

It’s not like this was unknown to our draconian governments early on. Numerous “experts” sounded the alarm at the time, including Professor Collingnon, who is now among several within the medical field speaking out against Australia’s pandemic response.

In the U.K. similar warnings had been raised, with a chief scientific advisor telling MPs that sunlight and good ventilation are both “highly protective against transmission of the virus.”

As Kurt Mahlburg noted on Caldron Pool at the time, the findings align with what we already knew about influenza and similar infections, and “suggest that closing beaches and national parks and restricting people’s movement outdoors may not have been a wise policy in the first place.”

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