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Anti-rape shorts now available for female joggers in Europe

While jogging in Germany, Sandra Seilz was sexually assaulted by three men. Following the ordeal, Seilz came up with her own solution: anti-rape shorts. According to Metro News, “there are two types of Safe Shorts – underpants and running shorts – and both are made from slash and tear-resistant material…”

The shorts are secured with a cut-resistant cord and a coded padlock. If a rapist tries to tamper with the padlock a 140 decibel alarm will sound. Presently, the shorts are only available in black, however the lock comes in a range of colours.

The Washington Post revealed, during the 2015 New Year’s Eve Celebrations alone, approximately 2,000 men, mostly migrants from the Middle-East and North Africa, sexually assaulted more than 1,200 women in several German cities.

Metro News went on to state, according to the Office of National Statistics, there were 106,098 sexual offenses recorded by U.K. police in the year ending March 2016. This figure reflects a 20% increase in offenses from the previous year. Rape offenses were increased by 22% and other sexual offences were up by 19%. These are said to be the highest figures recorded by the National Crime Recording Standard since its introduction in 2002.

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