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University installs ‘all-gender’ bathrooms to make students feel safe on campus because ‘unisex bathrooms’ were not inclusive enough.

The University of Technology Sydney has introduced “all gender” bathrooms in an effort to fulfill their commitment to being a university with a “culture of inclusion.”

The all gender bathrooms can be found in ten UTS campus buildings, including the university’s main tower building.

A statement from UTS reads: “Some people within our community don’t identify with traditional binary genders (male and female). Others don’t feel comfortable using a bathroom designated by gender, sometimes because they’ve had a negative experience using a single-gender bathroom due to their appearance or gender identity.

“All gender bathrooms provide a space that can be used comfortably by everyone.”

The university already has unisex bathrooms, however some individuals were reportedly not satisfied the label was inclusive enough for members of the LGBTQ community.

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