One Nation NSW Pledges to Support Ezekiel Declaration Signatories: “We Will Fight Alongside You”

“After reading the Ezekiel Declaration I felt compelled to write and pledge our support to you, your faith community, and for your stance.”

An open letter in support of the signatories to the Ezekiel Declaration

Dear brothers and sisters,

NSW One Nation pledges it support to you.

The NSW One Nation Party Leader, Mark Latham MLC, recently wrote:

NSW One Nation is opposed to Vaccine Passports. We believe the best approach is to offer the elderly and vulnerable the vaccines they want and allow anyone not wanting vaccines to deal with that risk as responsible adults.

No one should be punished for their vaccine choices. The vaccine choices of all Australians – whether for or against – should be respected. We must run our own lives rather than being under the control of Big Brother Government.

In Europe there are massive public protests and riots against Vaccine Passports, especially in France. They are very divisive. Whereas Sweden (which had no lockdowns) will have no Vaccine Passports, living freely. As Australia should.

Scott Morrison has said that Australia is aiming at 70-80% vaccination to achieve herd immunity so that COVID no longer circulates in the community. Why then are controlling Vaccine Passports needed?

It’s wrong and unnecessary. One Nation will fight it all the way.

After reading the Ezekiel Declaration I felt compelled to write and pledge our support to you, your faith community, and for your stance.

You are not alone. We stand with you. And we will fight alongside you.

Immediately following his commissioning as a ‘watchman for the people’, Ezekiel was confined to his house, bound, and rendered dumb. (Ezek. 3.24-27) His ‘Stay at Home Orders’ weren’t lifted until Ezekiel was given words by the Sovereign LORD.

As signatories, you have accepted the mantel of ‘watchmen to the people’. My prayer is that you would be given the words to speak and the strength to deliver them.

And as you speak those words, know that NSW One Nation will do everything in its power to support you in this great endeavour. Like Ezekiel may you be prepared for the task and made “as unyielding and hardened as they are.” (Ezek. 3.8)

Daniel Connor
NSW State Director
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

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