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Twitter Says, Pedophiles Are Permitted to Discuss ‘Attraction Towards Minors’ and Share Some Depictions of Nude Children

Social media giant Twitter has updated their terms of service to allow their users to discuss adult attraction to minors as well as share artistic depictions of nude children.

The updated policy states: “Discussions related to child sexual exploitation as a phenomenon or attraction towards minors are permitted, provided they don’t promote or glorify child sexual exploitation in any way.”

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Twitter went on to allow for nude depictions of minors in certain instances, stating: “Artistic depictions of nude minors in a non-sexualized context or setting may be permitted in a limited number of scenarios e.g., works by internationally renowned artists that feature minors.”

Shane Trejo over at Big League Politics, suggests the social media platform may have amended their policy at the behest of Dr James Cantor, who describes himself as a proud Jewish homosexual.

According to Trejo, Cantor is a leading researcher and advocate for pedophiles, who he refers to as minor-attracted persons.

Trejo notes that last year, Cantor along with other university academics, wrote a letter to Twitter’s Director of Trust and Safety, urging the platform to allow pedophiles to network and discuss their attraction to children.

The normalisation of pedophilia appears to be the next frontier for the culture-destroying progressives intent on abolishing every last remnant of Christian morality. And they’re gaining ground, quickly.

About ten years ago, an Australian man was convicted of possessing child pornography, fined $3,000 and required to enter a two-year good behaviour bond in relation to each offence.

The pornographic content in the man’s possession comprised of a series of cartoons depicting underage characters from The Simpsons engaging in sex acts.

Fast forward a decade and almost identical content can now be legally streamed into your living room thanks to programs like Netflix’s animated series Big Mouth.

Earlier this year video messaging app, Snapchat, was accused of attempting to normalise pedophilia, after releasing their LGBTQ Pride Month filter which included the caption, “Love has no age”.

Google adopted a similar line in marketing their “LGBTQ-friendly” business tag, which marks companies as allies of LGBTQ ideology and “safe spaces” for transgender people.

A promotional video for the Google business feature includes a voice-over which states, “Love is love. It takes no notice of age.”

Meanwhile, the entire “Drag Kid” phenomenon, which features pre-teen boys performing for adults while dressed as sexualised women, is being applauded and celebrated by mainstream media.

“Drag Queen Storytime” has also normalised the practice of grown males dressed as sexualised women spending time with young children. In most instances, these events are being held in public, state-funded libraries.

At the same time, academics are pushing to rebrand pedophilia as a sexual orientation, just as natural as heterosexuality.

Last year TEDx hosted Dr Madeleine Van der Bruggen, speaker and sex crime expert who argued that we ought to “break taboos” and stop hating pedophiles for their sexual orientation toward minors.

Prior to that, the organisation held a similar talk with Mirjam Hein from the University of Würzburg who claimed current research suggests “pedophilia is a natural, unchangeable sexual orientation”.

Government school officials in California have also jumped on board, claiming it’s “really important” for them to teach their young students that pedophilia is a “sexual orientation”.

Alex Newman from the Freedom Project said it’s hard to overstate the devastating implications of defining pedophilia as a “sexual orientation.”

“With ‘sexual orientation’ increasingly becoming a legally protected category across almost half of the states already — with Congress working on it too — the implications of defining pedophilia and pederasty as such are hard to overstate.”

In many parts, it’s prohibited to discriminate on the basis of ‘sexual orientation’. So, what would that mean for schools, daycares or children’s hospitals when a pedophile with an alternative ‘sexual orientation’ turns up looking for a job?

What we’re witnessing in our society is the sidelining of God and the downward spiral of debauchery that follows. With the Bible effectively rendered irrelevant in society, organisations, academics and teachers are feeling emboldened to operate outside the restraints of an objective moral standard.

There are no brakes on this thing because there’s no binding definition of right and wrong, moral and immoral. Every act, even the most heinous, can be justified. Every act.

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