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WATCH: Powerful 30-second ad banned from Super Bowl

A pro-life group has accused the Fox Sports Network of stonewalling their organisation and refusing to approve their advert for Super Bowl Sunday.

Lyric Gillett, founder of Faces of Choice, said Fox was stringing her along for six-months after she began negotiations to air an ad during this year’s Super Bowl event.

Life Site News reports, the application was originally made in July, but over the following months, members of the Fox legal department made a series of further inquiries without ever approving the application. This occurred, despite Faces of Choice answering every question the legal team asked and providing all necessary documentation.

The 30-second black-and-white ad powerfully demonstrates that “choice” is a person, by featuring the faces and stories of 14 adults and children who survived abortions.

Ms Gillett said, “In an era where we’re trying to give survivors a voice, whether that is through the #MeToo movement or on any number of issues, for some reason we deem survivors of abortion worthy of being ignored into oblivion.”

“That, to me, is both ironic but also just appalling,” Ms Gillett added.


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