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Google encourages businesses to publicly list themselves “LGBTQ-friendly”, tells customers to find places that celebrate the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Google has introduced a new “LGBTQ-friendly” business attribute to encourage customers to “find the people and places that celebrate” the LGBTQ lifestyle.

The tech giant is also urging businesses to “be an ally” by publicly listing themselves under the rainbow flag as “LGBTQ-friendly” and “safe spaces” for transgender people.

More bizarre than that, Google went on to claim that LGBTQ+ people have had difficulty finding businesses willing to serve them in Australia.

“While marriage equality has been legal in Australia for over a year, finding businesses that are open to everyone hasn’t always been easy for members of the LGBTQ+ community,” Google Australia claimed.

A Google advertisement featured on YouTube goes on to state: “Love is love. It takes no notice of age, of background, of gender, of race, or religion, and nor do I.”

Once again we’re being told to embrace this vague notion of “love” that’s willing to accept anything and everything, provided it’s motivated by “love” – which they’re conveniently incapable of defining.

There are no limitations on this form of “love”, they tell us. Even age is irrelevant, apparently.

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