Thousands of Australian Workers Are Set to Strike in a United Protest Against “No Jab, No Job” Mandates

Future generations will note how today’s public health orders created tomorrow’s public health crisis.

A united cross-section of Australian industries is set to strike on October 1 over State-sanctioned, and unconstitutional medical conscription.

While the Australian federal government maintains COVID-19 vaccines are NOT mandatory, in an apparent “workaround” section 51 of the Australian constitution, the Morrison government has enabled the states to make COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory.

Currently, only Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca are available, with Novavax (perhaps the unsung hero of the lot) to be made available in November.

The 16,000-member strong Facebook group, Australian Education United said:

All work sectors are uniting against mandatory vaccines & covid passports. On October 1 we RECLAIM THE LINE that was taken from us. Freedom, liberty, and our right to choose if we take the vaccine.

With Sky News Australia being the exception, the strike is conspicuously absent from most legacy media organisations. Strange, considering the strike is set to go national and is of national importance.

Sky News’ Dominica Funnell reported: “Organised by National Education United (NEU), the #ReclaimTheLine protest looks to support teachers, police, paramedics, aged care workers, health care workers, firefighters, construction workers, airline staff, miners and truck drivers.”

According to Funnell, “industry workers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Byron Bay, Newcastle, and Port Macquarie are planning to participate.”

Quoting from Sky News, National Education United’s Christian Marchegiani said, “the strike was designed to provide support for anyone who faces losing their job due to sweeping vaccine mandates.”

Marchegiani added:

At no other time in living history have ordinary Australians faced such an unimaginable threat of their freedoms – freedoms that until now, we have taken for granted.

He then affirmed that the protest “would be carried out peacefully and respectfully as part of a united stand for liberty and medical freedom.”

In a press release written on behalf of NEU, Christian Marchegiani stated: “Workers from multiple sectors across Australia are planning to strike at #ReclaimTheLine protests at 11am on Friday, 1 October, as the clock ticks towards government vaccination mandates.”

Confirming the Sky News report, he said: “The collective strike is organised by National Education United (NEU), a newly created and fast-growing alliance of more than 18,000 teachers and workers from multiple industries who are fighting State Government vaccination mandates.”

The NEU protest tails mass protests crushed by Victoria Police in Melbourne last week, as pro-Freedom rally protesters, followed by Construction workers sought to voice their opposition to medical conscription.

This is in addition to the 50 plus medical professionals whose peaceful sit-down protest in a Melbourne Park this week was intimidated and then dispersed by busloads of heavily armed police, backed by helicopter surveillance.

Avi Yemini of Rebel News explained, “the group of [healthcare workers] were socially distanced, wearing masks, and fully vaccinated, surround by thousands picnicking at the same park, in the same spot.”

These facts did not deter the heavy police presence.

Yemini said a nurse who works at the vaccination hubs [told him], “Ninety per cent of the people I’m vaccinating are there because they want their freedoms back… that’s not the right reason to make a medical decision.”

The LNP’s George Christensen backed the strike, telling Caldron Pool: “It’s probably not typical to see a Liberal or National Party politician out there supporting a workers’ strike but the issue at hand is about human rights.

“The Prime Minister told us all that the COVID-19 vaccination program would not be mandatory but its become mandatory by stealth with State Governments and powerful private corporations imposing ‘no jab, no job’ mandates on their workers.”

Christensen added, “Both governments and corporations need to wake up to the fact that we are not living in the era of slavery where the masters tells us what we can or can’t do with our own bodies. We are free people!”

SkyNews said, NSW police are aware of the planned protests, and will “monitor and enforce current restrictions under the Public Health Order.”

These protests are not just a “no” in line with the “no” of the Australian constitution, these protests are a line in the sand against the political takeover of medicine.

These protests join the many professionals who’ve authored, co-signed and supported the Barrington Declaration, The Physicians Declaration, and The Ezekial Declaration.

As I’ve argued, medical conscription is the plaything of tyrants. It’s the State, turned master, citizen turned slave.

Mandatory vaccination against COVID-19, and all that goes with this virus – given the data on who is vulnerable and who is not vulnerable to it – is the equivalent of being forced to make a decision between the slave master’s whip, and doing the slave master’s bidding.

Ultimately, medical conscription is a denial of Imago Dei, that cherished Biblically rich knowledge that man and woman are made in the image of God.

History teaches us that the denial of this ends in the denial of a person’s humanity, rights, life, and livelihood.

I am without a doubt that future generations will note how today’s public health orders created tomorrow’s public health crisis.

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