The Ukraine-Russia Crisis Is a Scapegoat for COVID-Mad Western Bureaucrats Looking to Shift Blame for the Economic Crisis They Created

“Don’t be fooled by legacy media and their paymasters in politics trying to use Ukraine as the fall guy, hoping that the link between the economic crisis and two years of crazy COVID policies magically disappears.”

The Ukraine-Russia crisis is a potential scapegoat for COVID-mad Western bureaucrats.

They are lying when they bleat on about how the crisis is to blame for higher prices, inflation and interest rate rises.

Bureaucratic blame-shifting distracts us from the COVID-crazy quicksand they dragged economies into with their ineptitude; their deification of a one-eyed medical “remedy,” and their blind faith in “expert” catastrophising computer modelling.

I’m no fan of Putin. The objective evidence points to him as the primary agitator in Ukraine.

Regardless of how anti-woke the Russian President says he is. Putin is the demi-god of white nationalists, the plaything of Leftists, and he has a history of antagonism.

Putin’s 8-plus-year strategy of destabilisation – inadvertently encouraged by clueless self-righteous leftists in the woke West – has been hugely successful.

Putin has outmanoeuvred them. This is because “everyone wins a prize, equity” leftists at the helm of our representative democracies have been too busy navel-gazing.

Not to mention the empty virtue signalling, and rampant nepotism which blocks conservatives from participation in the clergy, bureaucracy and academy, in favour of those with paid subscriptions to the WEF.

Such as Clinton and Trudeau concocting fake news in order to take down their political opponents – complete with banning words, dethroning Jesus Christ, cancelling people, grooming kids, and gaslighting political opponents with false accusations of racism.

In an overestimation of themselves, their ideology, and the gods their ideology forces them to serve, Leftists underestimated Putin.

As such, Ukraine is a geopolitical mess. Putin may be the chief aggressor, but Joebama Inc. has its finger in the pie.

There is good reason for caution.

It’s prudent to be careful in the conclusions we draw.

Livelihood killing covid politics and Russia invading Ukraine are two separate issues.

Don’t be fooled by legacy media and their paymasters in politics trying to use Ukraine as the fall guy, hoping that the link between the economic crisis and two years of crazy COVID policies magically disappears.

The developing financial crisis exists because of Western bureaucrats and their COVID-mad policies.

Bureaucrats pretending that 2-years of COVID-19 lockdowns and lockouts have had no role to play in the economic crisis is a repeat of 2016’s “Russia. Russia. Russia,” globalist backed hoax.

The OEC rates Russia’s GPD as the 11th in the world. Russia’s top exports include crude petroleum, refined petroleum, petroleum gas, and coal.

With the Chinese Communist Party as one of Russia’s primary buyers, Putin knows that he can outrun sanctions. Even counter them with threats of cutting key gas exports and mineral ingredients in everyday technology.

I’m not dismissing Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine as a factor in the worsening of the COVID-19 policy-induced economic crisis.

Russia is a big exporter of natural resources, some of which are rare and highly sort after. Putin certainly holds a lot of the cards.

His decision to invade will have an impact. The point is, as much as our “dear leaders” would want us to believe it, Putin’s decision did not trigger the economic crisis. They did.

Inflation is being ‘caused by bottlenecks,’ wrote Economist, Daniel Fernández in a recent piece for

In his ‘three factor’ explanation about inflation causation, Fernández cites ‘production restrictions resulting from COVID-19.’ 

He unpacks how the increase in demand was driven by government hand-outs, and the drastic change in demand was driven by government-imposed ‘pandemic restrictions.’

Thus, he argues, ‘government policies are to blame for the bottlenecks.’

The Federalist’s Justin Haskins appears to back Fernández. In an ominous assessment of the housing market, he warns: ‘based on the data the United States is on the verge of epic real estate crash.’

Haskins explained, “Rather than learn its lesson from the 2008 crash, [where they kept interest rates low, allowing buyers to borrow more, and therefore sellers to inflate prices] the Federal Reserve doubled down on this failed strategy, and then tripled down during the Covid-19 response.”

He then writes, “If the Fed decides to continue to keep interest rates low, despite the ongoing inflation crisis, it might prevent a real estate crash the size and scale of the one discussed above. It will come at a cost, though — more inflation, even bigger market distortions, and perhaps the collapse of the dollar.”

Haskins ends his piece with, ‘prepare accordingly.’

Switch out America for Australia in much of his piece and the same applies.

One block of land my wife and I looked at recently sold last year for $160k. They now want $250k for it.

We figured there may have been some issues with building there, however, the real estate told us the reasoning was “market value.”

Anyone looking to buy now may want to hold off for a while.

Economists in Australia know the same, or similar bubble exists here, they just don’t talk about it in public.

The Ukraine crisis is a tragedy. It’s also a useful distraction.

Joebama Inc. and their poster-boys like Totalitarian Trudeau, talking about freedom and democracy is tainted by the stench of their “vaccine” mandates, COVID smokescreens, and blank cheque support for the jackboot LGBT political religion.

Their words are negated by their actions and I suspect Putin knows it.

Letting Ukraine burn, and Ukrainians bleed appears to be a sin-offering; a woke sacrifice that COVID-mad Western leaders are willing to allow, in order that the suffering of the many may save the political skins of the few.

This helps to explain why, when Ukraine asked NATO to enforce a no-fly zone, most woke Western leaders sent good vibes, and virtues signals, instead of guns, planes, and ammunition.

“Best we can do, bruh. Peace. Out. #thoughts & prayers #awomen & #amen

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