This Is Not Just About Science – It’s Also About Power and Control

Dr Scott W. Atlas is professor of radiology and chief of neuroradiology at the Stanford University Medical School. He is also Senior Fellow at the Freeman-Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University.

According to Dr Atlas, “the overwhelming majority of people who contract this virus do not have any significant risk of dying”.

Based on data coming from New York City (the hotbed of the so-called “pandemic” in the U.S.), Dr Atlas informs us that only 1.7 per cent of those in their 70s who contracted the virus and acquired symptoms bad enough to seek medical care had to be hospitalised.

For those under 18, hospitalisation from the virus was only 0.01 per cent. For those aged 18 to 44 it was 0.1 per cent, Dr Atlas says.

An important note: he is referring only to hospitalisation and not death caused by the coronavirus.

Of course, every life matters. But based on fundamental biology and the evidence in hand, the appropriate policy to fight the coronavirus should be focused on protecting only the most vulnerable – those who are very old or suffering from any chronic illness.

As for the vast majority of us, says Dr Atlas, “essential socialising” is important to “generate immunity” and to limit “the enormous harms compounded by continued total isolation”.

Whether you agree or not with this leading medical doctor and academic, some of the points raised by Dr Atlas are important and we should, therefore, be at least allowed to question the lockdown measures imposed by the government.

Unfortunately, informed debate is precisely what we are not being allowed to have. There is very little critical coverage of the massive expansion of state surveillance currently in progress.

Suddenly, our media are no longer questioning power, but colluding with power that takes away our fundamental rights and freedoms.

Perhaps we should not be so concerned. After all, our Prime Minister is a “Christian” and he is even promising to reward us for our good behaviour in the future.

Meanwhile, however, he says: the Australian government will “have many more restrictions in front of us before it can even possibly contemplate the easing of restrictions”.

“There’s got to be a reward for all of this great effort that’s going in, and there will be, but we’ve got to make sure that’s done at the right time”, the Prime Minister told Sky News.

This is really very nice of our great leader. His help will be most welcome when such measures lead to widespread job losses, bankruptcy, marriage breakdowns, and inadequate supplies of food and other essentials.

I am fully confident to affirm that the ongoing “pandemic” is not just about science. It is also about government power and control.

Above all, this is about dramatically increasing the power of the State over the people.

Prof Augusto Zimmermann PhD, LLM, LLB, DipEd, CertIntArb

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