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The Queensland Parliament gives the green light to abortion… so expecting parents aren’t inconvenienced with a baby.

When Queensland Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad, put forward her case for abortion, she basically appealed to three arguments:

(1) “The right of women to control their own reproduction, their own bodies, is such an important part of equality in our society. (2) To prioritise the rights of a fetus above that of a woman is something that I find offensive. (3) Because the logical conclusion to that argument is that a woman should be forced to continue an unwanted pregnancy.”

These tried old arguments are completely wrong for the following reasons:

1. In an abortion, a woman isn’t “controlling” her own body, she is destroying another. The pre-born baby, while inside her body, is not a part of her body. The genetics of that baby are not the same as the mother. The baby is not like a cyst or wart, they are an individual and unique human person. When that baby is killed – the baby’s equality is not upheld, but destroyed.

2. In abortion, the right to life for the baby is being trampled upon – the most basic right of all. On the other hand, without access to abortion, the so called “right” to not be inconvenienced by a baby is trampled upon. Hmm– right to life vs. right to not be inconvenienced – I wonder which one is more important? The desire to kill another human being to uphold your so called “right” not to be inconvenienced with a baby is a pathetic display of selfishness.

3. Yes, without abortion, a woman is forced to keep an unwanted pregnancy. Or to put it more truthfully – she is restrained from killing her own baby. Whether she wants the baby or not doesn’t change the humanity of that baby. If a mum didn’t want her one day old baby – would it be right to “force” her to continue to have to raise her baby? Such arguments for the permissibility of abortion also necessitate the permissibility of infanticide. Utter barbarism.

Shame on the Queensland Parliament for licensing the killing of pre-born babies. And for what greater purpose? Clearly from Ms Trad’s arguments, it’s for the sake of ensuring that some expecting parents are not going to be inconvenienced by their baby.

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