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Student suspended for wearing shorts, mother claims staff said the boy should wear a skirt and tights instead.

A 17-year-old boy has been suspended from a Victorian school for wearing shorts in winter. The student copped the suspension for violating the school’s winter uniform policy, which allows students to either wear long pants or a skirt with tights.

But according to the boy’s mother, the shorts were worn due to a medical condition which can cause overheating and nose bleeds.

A staff member allegedly told the boy’s mother that skirts and tights were ‘gender neutral’ and suggested he wear the pairing instead of shorts.

“When a teacher tells me my son can wear a skirt and tights but can’t wear shorts, I find that offensive. He could go to school tomorrow in a skirt and tights but if he wears shorts he gets in trouble – how ridiculous,” she told the Herald Sun.

The mother has since submitted a medical certificate to the school, which the principal is now considering but has also reportedly requested further information on the condition.

The Department of Education, spoke on behalf of the school, denying the claim that staff had told the mother her son could wear a skirt.

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