Police Officer Fired for ‘Racist’ Facebook Post Saying the Black Men Who Tortured and Murdered a Grandmother Should Be Hanged

A Georgia police officer has been fired for a “racist” Facebook post calling for the hanging of five black people who brutally tortured and murdered an 83-year-old grandmother.

Robert “Skipper” Dunn shared a Facebook post on June 15, which included the mugshots of the five individuals responsible for the 2016 torture and death of Dorothy “Dot” Dow, along with the comment, “I think a hanging is in order.”

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On August 4, 2016, the individuals broke into Mrs Dow’s Georgia home before beating her, breaking her fingers and arms, and cutting her face. Before leaving, prosecutors said the attackers poured lighter fluid down the 83-year-old’s back and set her on fire.

They also disconnected her home telephone and removed her medical alert device.

According to Atlanta News Now, Mrs Dow crawled to a cellphone to call for help. She also managed to put out the flames using water from a sleep apnea machine.

Mrs Dow was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where she died of her injuries two weeks later.

Officer Dunn, who has worked in law enforcement for forty years, said he is not a racist and would have called for capital punishment for Mrs Dunn’s murderers regardless of their ethnicity.

In a statement from the Rossville Police Department, Captain Dave Scroggins said, “It is important that everyone understand Officer Dunn certainly enjoys the First Amendment right to post his opinion.

“However, when those posts or opinions detract from his ability to effectively serve the community it is in the best interest of the community that he no longer be assigned those duties.”

Of the five individuals convicted of Mrs Dunn’s death, four were sentenced to life behind bars, the fifth was sent to prison for seven years.

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