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WATCH: John MacArthur Enters the Pulpit To A Standing Ovation After Telling the Government “We Will Not Bow”

Because nothing says “Black Lives Matter” quite like encouraging tens of thousands of black people and BLM supporters to gather en masse during a global pandemic that’s apparently so dangerous, and so deadly, that not even a church could responsibly gather without risking their lives and the lives of everyone they come in contact with.

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MacArthur: “The Greatest Threat to Truth and Virtue in This Country Is the Government”

“So we are beginning to see persecution from government. This is the most formidable persecution: COVID, LGBTQ, transgender, social justice—all these new ideologies are now going to become the only acceptable moral standards. And if you don’t accept them, you’re going to be the enemy of the government. Truth, the Bible, Scripture is going to be cancelled. The government’s taking control; they want to take control of absolutely everything. The church has become the main enemy of the government—nothing new.”

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Sheep Without a Shepherd?

“The Conforming has lost the confidence of a significant bloc of ordinary, lay-Christians. When lockdowns and other severe rules were imposed in 2020, and most churches dutifully followed the edicts of governments and closed their doors, those of a Non-conforming mindset—often suffering severely under economic, emotional, and spiritual hardship—found themselves ‘like sheep without a shepherd’.”