John MacArthur: “It’s Too Late For the Nation, We’re Under Judgment”

“What’s our message to this nation? You’re under judgement. It’s too late. Judgement has been unleashed. You can hear, but not understand. You can see, but not perceive. Your heart may be attracted, but hardened by God.”

It’s too late for the United States, according to prominent California Pastor John MacArthur.

Dr MacArthur delivered the dire word to his congregation last Sunday in a sermon preached at Grace Community Church, warning that the nation has passed the point of salvation and is now under the visible judgment of God.

In his message, titled Too Late for Grace: When a Nation Rejects God, Dr MacArthur said when any society continually suppresses the truth, they can venture past the point of return (see Isaiah 6:9; Mark 4:12).

“How do you know when a nation passes the point where salvation is possible for a people?” Dr MacArthur said, before referring his congregation to the first chapter in Paul’s letter to the Romans.

Dr MacArthur notes that in Romans 1, the evidence that God has abandoned a nation to judgment is that he has given them over to sexual immorality, homosexuality, and a reprobate/non-functioning mind which calls evil, good and good, evil.

“When you see a nation deep in sexual sin, pervasively affirming of homosexuality, and the insanity of a reprobate mind where they make laws to criminalize righteousness and to legalize gross evil, you know that nation is under judgment,” Dr MacArthur said.

“The message to this nation, our message to this nation, if you say to the Lord, ‘Here am I, send me,’ the message is this: It’s too late for the nation. We’re under judgment.”

Dr MacArthur went on to say that while it’s too late for the United States, it’s not too late for God’s people within the nation.

“It’s not too late for the elect, because as Romans 11 says some are chosen. They can believe. They will believe when we proclaim the gospel.”

“What’s our message to this nation? You’re under judgment. It’s too late. Judgment has been unleashed. You can hear, but not understand. You can see, but not perceive. Your heart may be attracted, but hardened by God.

“But God has his people,” he added. “So, we warn, because we don’t know who those people are. And we also offer the grace of the gospel. That’s our calling. Too late for our nation, not too late for the elect.”


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