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School helps 11-year-old autistic girl transition to boy without parental consent

A disturbing report from LifeSiteNews reveals, school staff in Calgary, Alberta took it upon themselves to begin “gender transitioning” a moderately autistic 11-year-old, without the knowledge of her parents. The girl did not want her family to know, so she was a “boy” at school and a girl at home. The double-life eventually took a toll on the child. A year later, she told her guidance counselor that she was depressed and wanted to kill herself. Only then, once the damage was done, did the school involve the child’s parents.

Lawyer John Carpay, director of the Calgary-based Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, rightly said:

“If parents are pushed out, then you’re pushing out the greatest sources of love and the greatest source of protection that children have… The law doesn’t seem to recognize that the political activists don’t love these children anywhere nearly as much as their parents do.”

A frightening example of what the Victorian State Government is offering kids in state schools, thanks to the Gender Identity Policy.

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